A mother’s strength after a tragic accident

On Mother’s Day weekend, ABC News’ Linsey Davis tells the story of double amputee Norma Trujillo, a car crash survivor who fought back from life-changing injuries for her children.
3:54 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for A mother’s strength after a tragic accident
Mother's Day is such a special day for most Abbas because we all know the struggles and sacrifices moms around the world made for their children. This pandemic frankly confirms that most moms are in fact superheroes. But one mother Lindsay is about to introduce us to has taken things to a whole different level. And in the process has left an enduring legacy of what a real strength looks like for her family. Fan that Trujillo family Mother's Day has an extra special meaning after a horrific car accident four years ago I decided. To leave soccer. The early hours and coach my daughter's teen. And a car analysts also. On our way to stop it was April of 2017. When Norma Trujillo came across a driver's Obama's side of the road and while trying to help can she was hit by car. My body was pinned underneath his vehicle analyst trapped underneath. His vehicle where Google CE down the road. Norma lost both of her legs and had crash and doctors were certain she wouldn't survive her injuries. I was internally day captain TE Tony Snow and ice crying I had it should be embarrassed when my kidney was punctured but she pulled through despite tremendous difficulties. If you're a time when you're an occupational therapy when he and you said that you can't hate you just how hard you're gonna have to work in order to become independent again what was that moment like. I was laying down so he scored. And Wendy saying Obama kicking moon. Your sales and that was the only it were reality slap to my fees because he's it was a first time I still are helpless. Hanging around I just had a Kim English sounds. Fueling their determination. And fierce loan for her three children. I was the one that 18 to tell my children that night. I wanted to warrant you read them and teach him to get more analyst further away from them more. It really. She needs he gets stronger she also saw herself as a living breathing opportunity to teach your children how to overcome the most difficult obstacles in life. Especially her fourteen year old daughter she convinced to play soccer again. What was your role in all she was T scared because she died. Mom got hurt because of this where I remembered tying her that. If you're ready to go back and that's what she wanted to do in view of the team so much promise of fourteen. Don't use me and excuse that. This is gonna stop. Norma now fitted with prosthetics is and his battle the soccer field she is one nonstop mom and her kids keeper on the moon. Legal migrating Eagles from Joaquin doable out of the heart we'll look it's my aides in every teen. Be seen he has just a regular time the mom who's just a wheelchair her boy is color a cyborg super mom just like some of their favorite heroes. They love the whole marvel. World and Harry. And when downstream in the story mice and hearts and eat and he zone mom is like you and my son goes. Mommy like a superhero because whom you did lake PD TD wish Americans would do. Somebody else and even though she's a caped crusader in the children's eyes she says today. You'll see him. Can barely below among. My kids creamy so much joy faster. Game. I am I am an MPT I'm curious what advice to you again as a super mom clearly. To another mom who's really struggling she's rice. And just don't ever let anything concrete.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"On Mother’s Day weekend, ABC News’ Linsey Davis tells the story of double amputee Norma Trujillo, a car crash survivor who fought back from life-changing injuries for her children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77568749","title":"A mother’s strength after a tragic accident","url":"/US/video/mothers-strength-tragic-accident-77568749"}