Muhammad Ali Refuses Army Induction in 1967

The boxing champion says the teachings of his Muslim faith causes him to "take no part in wars."
5:19 | 06/03/16

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Transcript for Muhammad Ali Refuses Army Induction in 1967
Friday in Houston with the champions moment of truth. He showed up at the induction center but refused to step forward looking on the threat of prison and a shattered the lives. But Allen's attorney Hayden Covington told ABC politics out he's confident the champ ultimately will lose this fight to. I think it was 98%. Due to him. What is that he should have ultimate success. We're we're gonna. The specific basis. What you expect to emerge victorious only ultimate the United States Supreme Court he is batting champion is a black. Jerusalem and that it. About funny about it. Marched outside the low post office building itself was inside undergoing preliminary process and then came word of the champions refusing. Minutes later Allen spoke briefly to newsmen. All I have heroes. State was that I had to. State and I have announced an all your questions going into the fight I don't. The future experience. In the thing even things up. I have they. Very briefly. Why you define. Immediately afterward Alley jarring the sports reporter cosell in the lobby of this hotel. As you know that heavyweight champion of the world has just made his decision. Is rejected induction into the united states military forces. Dissolves though his personal choice at this time. To issue no statements. To talk to know we're always consented to sit here before this camera what's this report. He is issued a written statement however a copy of which I have in my hand. And then probably just simply this. He has taken the action that he is taken. Based upon his personal convictions. And with a full realization. Of the implications. And possible consequence. The champion was not nearly so reluctant a week earlier to spell out his reasons in person. In Louisville, Kentucky he spoke out loud and clear. And I will say here Boldin now in television know. I will not go 101000 miles. From here to help moto. And killed. Another four people simply to continue. The domination of white slave masked teens all wheel deep dark coat people of the earth. Sometimes Wear them every fuses because of religious beliefs to go into the service work uniform. They government will assign him to work possibly in a hospital federal hospital or something like this has civilians would you agree it is. Llosa. I don't I don't want knows them positive you know Saddam mementos. Three to understand the roster model I'm not a march. But I wheels they. Here that I have been much Chris release. Did worse than analysts say it again. The real enemy is of my people all right here. Not in Vietnam. I don't know we'll follow the most honorable Elijah won't. Take no parks. And Wallace is the holy Quran teaches us we take ought to know what I was homeless that afternoon but details. Christians nonbelievers and as well no laws and let's declare about almighty god our lives. Are his best so. The thing is. What type honest I don't know what type persecution. When I received here americorps from our roots festival. But chabot the honorable Elijah Mohammed invite you to go that is certainly the don't value honesty don't live who doesn't know what to do. This is a test of all moves will be school food. As the holy Koran teaches those. We use heat to think that he believes in not detract. We all must be tested and Travis Outlaw Josie who's sincere and faith even if it means face machine guns are storm ready to death. Many civil rights leaders were not anxious to comment on Mohammed Ali's action. However Dr. Martin Luther King properly defended the heavyweight champ you. Do you think that Cassius Clay morally justified in opposing the draft as far as he says he will take it far Federer drew. I think that he's doing what he is doing on the basis of conscience our program about it and I think he's absolutely. Senseo. And when you speak of a moral justification for a that's one thing and that's the highest and best justification. But it's also legally adjuster for. Severe consciences object service is guaranteed by the selective. Service act and this is what he is contending. That he is a conscientious objective to lawyer in general and to this particular war and Vietnam and I were stronger. In guards his actions on the faces of conscience I would not down. Stern and aware of one who on the basis of moral conscience takes a position as his presence would take.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"The boxing champion says the teachings of his Muslim faith causes him to \"take no part in wars.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39593864","title":"Muhammad Ali Refuses Army Induction in 1967","url":"/US/video/muhammad-ali-refuses-army-induction-1967-39593864"}