Multiple fatalities in California crash: Highway patrol

Hospital officials said they believe there were dozens of passengers, including children, in the SUV that struck a semitrailer full of gravel.
1:53 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for Multiple fatalities in California crash: Highway patrol
There initiative walks before. Hundreds of health and are told will be different from smoltz as the ball was. On March 2 at a Parsons who asks for ten hours. Are also took dispersant was and to call the chopper collision involving two vehicles which occurred vessel what Katrina Morse road. Vehicles involved were big rig hauling two trailers and maroon Ford Expedition. The big report trouble in Northborough assault 115 a sophomore throat almost in his. The fort its provision was west Baltimore throat just east of assault were fifteen. The intersection at this point it's unknown whether I'm and let's listen stop don't stop slowing. But it did you know that. In the section from the big rig subsequently the vigorous political left side of the force for the safe. As a result was close from the drive of the big rig sustained moderate injuries and was transported to those original medical's. Worse than who is being treated. There were 25 occupants in the Fortis pollution including the driver unfortunately twelve occupants including the driver succumbed to injuries on seeing. One other person was transported to the hospital where they also succumbed to the emperor's. The other occupants troops were fired word and verse stages. Were transported to. Also shall regional medical sort of pioneers memorial hospital. Desert road regional medical solar and urban treated for the injuries as we speak. Our multi disciplinary accident doesn't listen to from border division. Is heavily in this collision it was going commercial that we have of the world for fleeing prosecution believes. Would be premature we just discussed speculated. What calls this collusion. Over how could you remind us that thirteen people by in this crash. Rio to the families the most kills and injures local public have to conduct a thorough and complete investigation. What's the best is completed there will be thoroughly reviewed and as appropriate presented to the district attorney's office.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Hospital officials said they believe there were dozens of passengers, including children, in the SUV that struck a semitrailer full of gravel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76208574","title":"Multiple fatalities in California crash: Highway patrol","url":"/US/video/multiple-fatalities-california-crash-highway-patrol-76208574"}