'Multiple fatalities' at Texas mall shooting

Area residents are being urged by local law enforcement to avoid the area north of the I-10 highway area in east El Paso.
4:28 | 08/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Multiple fatalities' at Texas mall shooting
This is an ABC news special report. Now report. Tom governments. A good afternoon we are live from ABC news headquarters in New York re dropped regular programming to bring you breaking news out of Texas. Reports of a mass shooting at this yeah little Vista mall in El Paso. Police say several people have been killed numerous injuries at this time at least one person is in custody. Officials warn the public to stay away from the area and refrain from posting. First responder activity and social media this video just coming toward newsroom now showing some of the pandemonium inside of that mall. From what we understand the wall was filled with people in various stores when the shooting started. We do know at this point that ATF is en route to assist and police near the scene reporting they are on lockdown. When a turnout appeared Thomas who has been Montrae developed from Washington and speaking with the sources at the federal level. Here what can you tell us. Time and it's a very dangerous situation. Federal authorities were initially told that there might be again. Our war potential multiple shooters that's why there's so much concern about the first responders. Even though they may have records again a person in custody but law enforcement officials were concerned that their candidate were mobile shoot. Also I was told by and number resources that there were multiple people injured multiple people injured they were. Concerned about giving the actual number because it was so early in the situation but against the possibility of multiple shooters a possibility. Multiple multiple people injured we expect it to federal authorities will reach a winning. The local authorities to help assess the situation and give them support as needed. As you reported ATF is on the scene we expect it beyond DPS to participate as well. In these situations have been. Very much on the mind of local and federal law enforcement of recently because of these spate of active shooter instance we've been having crossed the country. One organization that monitors doing say that we've had more than 200 such incidents. So far this year work more than four people had been shot in the single setting so Thomas are ongoing situation very dangerous and unfortunately part of a trend that we're seeing national. And here as you were reporting this we were seeing the images of some of those injured. People being taken basically on on on rolling tables through the mall. People covered in blood we we know that I know you mention that that it wanna give an exact number but some of the initial reports. We were hearing that more than a dozen people were injured we see a woman here clearly. He she she has she's covered in blood here this is just one of the many victims we understand. At this shooting this is an ongoing situation right now pier but. Let's talk about where this gunman targeted it's a mall there so Wal-Mart there it it's a summer Saturday. The mall was filled with people as we see more images coming in from eyewitnesses. Mall police help passel police running through the mall clearly there were several people here several targets Pierre. Well the concern isn't what one would call a soft market the game we know nothing about motive it could be workplace you could speech. Terrorism it could be any number of things we just don't know yet. But in these situations what the law enforcement. They're standard protocol now is to find issue bush push and to prevent more carnage. And then they try to get the repeat first responders in there. To assist those who have been injured. But it is a nightmare scenario you have a Saturday morning people are shopping a potentially getting prepared for back to school in all sorts of things. And you so much so that with a gun it is the scenario that law enforcement. Unfortunately they train for. But it is a situation is extremely dangerous or can only imagine those images are too sick top. Our Pierre Thomas reporting for us again if you're just tuning and we've been following this breaking news out of El Paso, Texas there's been a deadly mall shooting several people have been killed. Dozens of people been injured we've seen people covered in blood being taken on dull least throughout the mall again the shooting happening just moments ago at a mall in El Paso we're gonna have much more on this throughout the day more. Can be sure to join us on world news later tonight all updates. Throughout the hours at abcnews.com. On Tommy Elvis in New York thank you for watching. This has been a special report from Levy's.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Area residents are being urged by local law enforcement to avoid the area north of the I-10 highway area in east El Paso.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64755164","title":"'Multiple fatalities' at Texas mall shooting","url":"/US/video/multiple-fatalities-texas-mall-shooting-64755164"}