Mummified Woman Found in Garage Likely Dead 6 Years

Police believe the body is that of a Michigan woman who hasn't been seen in six years.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Transcript for Mummified Woman Found in Garage Likely Dead 6 Years
The mayor wasn't part of two drifting along in -- is did we didn't see any signs of anything going -- there. Today investigators with the Oakland County sheriff and firefighters to the home of 49 year old -- -- and cop. We're told the place was full of so much black mold that they had to Wear Hazmat suits to go in and see you -- -- -- clues as to what happened to -- Investigators believe she had been dead for about six years her body found yesterday in the garage of her Pontiac home she was in the backseat of her vehicle. Because I always at my -- -- always happens -- -- And -- just -- -- -- moved and that they might think every every -- amass that day it was you know into the yard. Some neighbors thought he had a son and they say she kept to herself and it wasn't unusual for to be gone for extended periods of time. And after a while many thought she'd just move. She youths opened on issues to -- issues kind of crime issue which -- come in and come and gone home. Action news has learned that years ago. 54000. Dollars in it and everything from a mortgage two utility bills -- -- -- Through automatic deductions so that might explain why her mortgage company didn't foreclose on its -- But then hit Keller ran empty and investigators say a contractor hired by the bank that owns -- home. Is the one who -- Wednesday her badly decomposed body in the backseat of her vehicle with no obvious signs of trauma. The keys were still in the ignition. And she -- thing and he -- checked on my. Is pretty soon to see is somebody. Didn't have a loved one a sudden. Check -- and thought they attacked him.

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{"id":22845513,"title":"Mummified Woman Found in Garage Likely Dead 6 Years","duration":"3:00","description":"Police believe the body is that of a Michigan woman who hasn't been seen in six years.","url":"/US/video/mummified-woman-found-in-garage-likely-dead-six-years-22845513","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}