Muslims Rally to Distance Themselves From Violent Extremists

Marchers say those who turn to violence do not represent the truth of Islam.
1:57 | 12/12/15

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Transcript for Muslims Rally to Distance Themselves From Violent Extremists
In the heart of Los angeles' little Tokyo. Song and prayer and yes but I'll Mike Dee. Keep odd children and grandchildren saved. Muslims Jews Christians more than 300 diverse pieces calling for peace and remembering Singh and Ernie dean as victims. To hear that it was two Muslim perpetrators. Has made me feel sick to my stomach hardened someone. You know claim to be doing something in the state that you know I find so peaceful. Muslim Americans tell me in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings the suffering they are experiencing is twofold they say not only are they morning alongside. Their fellow Americans but they're also battling Islamic Soviets to the point that some of them. Here over their personal safety they do. Here from other women you. It's amazing in her hair and learning can't have accents. Man that they are feeling a little bit more Wagner may. That there headband it's about comments are around meeting different public places. It's the kind of treatment that makes many Japanese Americans cranes the internment of their ancestors during World War II or resent. Painful memory. We exodus set an example on Bo what can never happen again. No one will be treated that way and so I think it was very eerie very scary. Kathy Macedo guys talking about the backlash against Muslim Americans post 9/11. And again after the CN Bernie dean out terror attack backlash Muslim Americans want community support to overcome. And and a big middle finger it's nice this rank way that we won't be we will be contaminated we won't be divided. Instead we're gonna stand together now more than ever. In Los Angeles screens hacker broke ABC news.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Marchers say those who turn to violence do not represent the truth of Islam.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"35735963","title":"Muslims Rally to Distance Themselves From Violent Extremists","url":"/US/video/muslims-rally-distance-violent-extremists-35735963"}