NASA spacewalk inspires new generation of future astronauts

Space Camp students Andressa Ojeda and Elizabeth Austin react to Christina Koch's first spacewalk.
3:59 | 03/29/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASA spacewalk inspires new generation of future astronauts
See the thing about dreams are in the dreams coming true is they have to be nurtured from early on. So Christina who you just heard from she is actually part of a space camp and officially opened in 1982. By the man who built the rocket that sent Americans to the moon. This camp is for kids age nine to eighteen an obviously we've seen some and alumni do become astronauts. So I'm joined by two future spacewalkers. We had eighteen year old Andre sell him from Brazil. And twelve year old Elizabeth Austin from Florida they're at the space camp in Huntsville Alabama hello ladies how are you. Are there. Pretty yamana. So a lot of kids when their young say they wanna. Brilliant artist all odds aren't. Again Friday below its her agent used is and Blair. And they like contract and he's well I this past may and thinking well. That's really awesome so. Andres you said that you wanna be the first Brazilian astronaut what is it that you love about this camp. I pretty much Angela accurately monitor. And really love Indonesians here. Actually seen as a learning. I its engineering. There you. And you last. And you Elizabeth what about you what do you love about the camp. And leasing your English the nations are Google will get to see a friend. In different positions for its agents its very well this might be. Yes so right there you can see that we're watching that the spacewalk live in as you know one of your very own they're up there right now how does that feels and know that that could be you one day. So we're you know. What it is it. Honor I didn't really inspiring leader who there. OK so can you guys give us an idea of you know like what the next steps are after you finish this camp how do you continue on and make this happen. And in Paris based years. Saloon on to sunny here in Manhattan saints I already gotten some callers and served. Oh yeah. Slicing already and they're regulation going on a university years. Paying. I are getting programs. That's awesome and then. Obviously Elizabeth you're still in schools so are you gonna continue that camp doesn't just happen once or do you keep going to it. First I didn't act is he still I'm gonna go yeah UGU yeah eager. Very cool and I just want to I just want to point out that. Only thirteen when they ever had ever preformed a space locks so what do you guys think of that. Only thirteen women. Parents is higher. Her room. All he would probably be excuse. Student and her fifteen. Guys if I was going to put money on it I would also met that you guys are gonna be the next to you guys are amazing. This is super inspiring. And for all of the adults who think that you know they may have missed out on their dreams there is an adult space camp too so I think people are happy to know that yet asked. Guys thanks so much for joining us some really really proud of you. We appreciate you being here are thank you.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Space Camp students Andressa Ojeda and Elizabeth Austin react to Christina Koch's first spacewalk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62039300","title":"NASA spacewalk inspires new generation of future astronauts","url":"/US/video/nasa-spacewalk-inspires-generation-future-astronauts-62039300"}