NASA's Johnson Space Center sparks space race excitement

ABC News puts a spotlight on the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston.
2:27 | 09/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASA's Johnson Space Center sparks space race excitement
Finally since we're in Houston. We decided to take a closer look at the space industry here which is a big part of this economy the space shuttle program may be gone but there is new excitement. About ingenuity in the space program and a new space race that's bubbling up our Janet Weinstein went on to NASA's Johnson Space Center. To take a closer look. I've been at mass for almost thirty years now. And this is the peak of excitement they way we've had. That National Space Council. Was conveying put back together and they gave a recommendation to the president that we should go back to the moon. And basically use the man. And as their backyard. To go to Mars. So where the robotics area Bellman at the Johnson Space Center and we do all types of development here. We developed the rovers. Small pressurized rovers colony SED's space exploration vehicle and behind pressurized rover. This is where it's the bell. It was this vehicle you can actually get closer to observations. In Santa thing. And then it has an independent suspensions. You can literally just barely touch. Comments. How I we will work and own the on pressurized rover are. A rover will be waiting for crew to return and twenty points for the number. And when they get off of the Lander. They will have a roll over their weight and form will modules. Well pointing in all directions the man v.s. These Coughlin is down here we'll let us. Pick up. What we call portable utilities talents and that that we'll have extra energy solar arrays and allied a new thing to. This generation. NASA it is. Then we're going back to a dirty play. It's been. And environment where we flew the shuttle that was claim we Wear on space station its claim now we're going back to a very environment did get a bit starting. It is it is exciting ten know that. Our generation. Is making that one model's death. That allows that to happen. The future of space happening now at the Johnson Space Center here in Houston our thanks to Janet Weinstein. For bringing us that peace.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"ABC News puts a spotlight on the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65549350","title":"NASA's Johnson Space Center sparks space race excitement","url":"/US/video/nasas-johnson-space-center-sparks-space-race-excitement-65549350"}