NASCAR driver in serious condition after a massive wreck at Daytona 500

Ryan Newman had just taken the lead in the final lap when a bump from behind sent his Ford Mustang spinning into the wall at 200 miles per hour.
4:50 | 02/19/20

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Transcript for NASCAR driver in serious condition after a massive wreck at Daytona 500
And Victor joins me live with bored out Victor what's the latest on Newman's condition. Brought here we still don't know the extent of his injuries but some good news tonight his team released a statement. They say that Ryan Newman is awake and he is communicating with his family and doctors about the hospital now here's what happens next. NASCAR is taking his car and another car ball did not wreck to there are indeed their research and development center in North Carolina. They'll be checking to see why his car was leaking fuel if there were any other. Safety issues along the driver's side by his window and that netting there see if there were any other problems involved in a car. Here of Victor thanks so much. At while everyone hopes for a quick recovery it's worth looking at how far the sport has come a driver safety and equipment. Race fans remember dale earnhardt's fatal crash in 2001. And a lot has changed since then in order to protect the driver and that's something my next guest knows a lot about. Just eulogy is a NASCAR driver in Jersey live from Glendale California Jesse great to see you're wearing your race suit we're ready get to how. That protects you in just a moment but first. I just wouldn't what a teacher reaction to last night's crash in and what was going through your mind when you saw what was happening. Yeah wants always going on it was pretty horrific I mean crisis like that nobody wants to see I mean a lot of fans come to these races and liked to watch these races and you don't like to watch the action and you know everybody knows when you go to Daytona when you go Talladega the places where we run the restrictor plates and taper spaces. You know sometimes wrecks are inevitable because there's so much like close pack racing so come when this one happened it was pretty wild and no one expected I was gonna end up like this but. When a driver wasn't coming out of his vehicle and they have a column now we all knew was pretty serious. And and you know your car has has hit the wall before in mid did didn't go airborne and it didn't catch fire but. You experience the same type of feeling what goes through your mind when you know some thin. The bad is about to happen. Yet that point your pretty helpless so you know a lot of us drivers we've had a lot of experience driving a lot of different vehicles and you know especially people who come from dirt racing sometimes you know we we feel like we have all the car control in the world black on sometimes when you get loosened some of these race cars on these tracks and undergoing a 170 to 200 miles per hour depending on the tracks and was he gets highways sometimes uses no saving it so on resentment things you can do to try to prevent from here in the wall but I think that day you know here. At the mercy of the car and the dynamics of it and for me when Austin for that wall I think Vegas last year. Come it was has little scary but I'm about a liberal walk away all the different safety that we've had implemented for NASCAR for the drivers from the cars. For the tracks itself I think has been you know really come a long way to help keep a safe. And let's talk about that I was there a day when Dale Earnhardt died had to cover it and it really changed so many things specifically. About the safety of drivers and I remember all the talk about his helmet. And there are lots of changes made ahead to the helmets you've brought yours tell me what what you think. The biggest change and has Bannon and how that's even. We haven't seen just Dino a situation like what happened dale earnhardt's sense then. Yes definitely so you know back then people could Wear you know open faced Thomas in nowadays you see where the close spaced moments you have to in the fall visor here on the helmets have to go through some really really stringent come safety checks on heal before they're even allowed to be used in the sport and they all have the SA approved so use looters SA 2010715. And I guess Knauss as its wings when he. S eights points when he approved. And once you have that sticker approval you know that the state home is safe for use. In our sport bomb you know and then also to along with the helmet you have on your head neck industry a device was is there Hans device which is underneath here. And what that is is it's connected to. Without a helmet right here on both sides and what happens is it goes over your shoulder and their belts that go on top of it. To hold it down this connects their helmets and make sure that if you're in a wreck. You don't have your head bigger head whip blessing you know from left writer Fordham back too hard to where you could break your neck. Com you know that that's where we've seen some desperate for in differ motor racing where you know people maybe didn't have this device on and they broke her neck because of Iraq. When you get in a high speed wreck your body is staying still because your belt. But if you don't have this on than what's gonna keep your head from moving forward really quick we're left and right so a lot of different safety we've implemented to help with safety but hum. The you know these these different things right here definite help keep lot of people live over the last you know 1520 years now. And of course has a lot of things physically and psychologically. That have changed as well and and things that you have to do now. Jesse it would it was so great did to bring you win and give us just the inside that knowledge really appreciate you so much. Thank you so much you bet just eulogy.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Ryan Newman had just taken the lead in the final lap when a bump from behind sent his Ford Mustang spinning into the wall at 200 miles per hour. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69058978","title":"NASCAR driver in serious condition after a massive wreck at Daytona 500","url":"/US/video/nascar-driver-condition-massive-wreck-daytona-500-69058978"}