National College Signing Day at UCLA

Former first lady Michelle Obama, celebrities, and thousands of students came together at University of California, Los Angeles for National College Signing Day on Wednesday.
3:03 | 05/04/19

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Transcript for National College Signing Day at UCLA
I'm gave lenders here at UCLA for retires two point nineteen. College signing gave such a big game focusing on students who go to college in the military we're going to be catching up with a lot of celebrities and students. Who is the most inspirational person for you in your life growing up when it comes to education. Oh my parents more they were of very much about go to causing a deposit costs but it was my uncle really do. I had he would leave the past I thought we he would everything lines apologist but that stand down. And then I did them they're. She had eaten at either Andy Rooney each hand she is there evil finish my degree. So much hat was reading my brother and I moments. Eight hits and clean and had a job so she is inning. My mom's always talk suggests that some political analysts each person stand up that was your passion I pats colony. From my whole life on her work ethic stuff. College signing day you know why is this a special for the students to be a part of this today. It's just a great celebration and it's a really. Wonderful celebration of their commitment. To figure how they're gonna do for the next few years and going to school. A lot of these kids have overcome adversity and tough times figure out how to get. Into cosmetic go to college had a and we want them to stay committed and that's the main thing is we want to tell them. We see you are proud of view and my Dick Whitman. It's not EUV it play evening get through it at. This just the start it so many kids' lives and their important journeys and and I feel like making an impact it will have an effect on the rest of their lives hopefully Iceland it's so exciting to be here and support on these kids were really. Committing to developing their futures are committing to. Varying programs whether their two year degrees or degrees going into the military's specialized. Education and it it really is what it takes to compete in a global economy. And seeing the excitement on their faces and feeling energy and room everybody knows that this is really where it all. Begins this generation is the next generation that will. Change the world and they have the power. Impacted in the way it did so desperately needs to be impacted I mean after me I think it means everything I was lucky enough to be part of UC system ITC Berkeley go bears. And to see it the next generation of of lead it is. It is what this event means to everyone out there got themselves direct there today and I can't wait to see how much are giving up three looking forward to seeing maybe bumping into. Most today. I am lucky enough I think to get the chance to take a picture with First Lady Michelle Obama. Sound that CNN be great and it hasn't happened yet I answered. Is she is amazing thank ballots and service to connect LA it was such an inspiring day out here we gotta talk with the was that banks BB Rex can it tonics. I'm gave letters and you're watching ABC news slot.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Former first lady Michelle Obama, celebrities, and thousands of students came together at University of California, Los Angeles for National College Signing Day on Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62814854","title":"National College Signing Day at UCLA","url":"/US/video/national-college-signing-day-ucla-62814854"}