National Guard Withdraws From Ferguson

City returning to normal after days of violent protests.
1:50 | 08/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for National Guard Withdraws From Ferguson
Some good news now nearly two weeks of racial tension and Ferguson Missouri appear to be -- this morning thirteen days after the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer the violence and unrest in the streets. Appear to have subsided ABC Eastham on Bradley is in Ferguson with the latest. With the National Guard withdrawing and businesses reopening Ferguson appears to be returning to normal. But the nightly street protests over the death of Michael Brown continue. As you know -- our guys tigers and yet keep going. He's going every night -- -- me. Mixed in with the crowds clergy and community leaders working to keep the peace but we also lord appeared to make sure that everybody present. 11 o'clock here on the streets of Ferguson that's captain Ron Johnson -- talking with demonstrators as he does every night -- crowds and peaceful demonstrations tonight. Order may be restored but captain Johnson temporarily in charge of security here says the local police force must change. The -- have -- get out invent problems if they don't take heed to what the law enforcement officers are doing here today. In all of this week. They will -- the com. For a -- prosecutor in the case continue. Protesters demanding Robert McAuliffe who has deep family ties with the police recuse himself. People have made a statement to Bob Collins back. I have no confidence. And visibility Debbie -- -- partial. McAuliffe says he has no plans to step down he'll stay on -- the governor removes them. A grand jury is reviewing evidence but it could take months to decide whether officer Darren Wilson will face criminal charges. -- and Michelle it was quiet hero overnight only seven -- police -- community leaders with helping -- lower the temperature. Tom Bradley live in Ferguson thank you.

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{"id":25080718,"title":"National Guard Withdraws From Ferguson","duration":"1:50","description":"City returning to normal after days of violent protests.","url":"/US/video/national-guard-withdraws-ferguson-25080718","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}