National Hurricane Center urges people in evacuation zones to leave immediately

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall Friday morning and continue into Saturday.
4:16 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for National Hurricane Center urges people in evacuation zones to leave immediately
We wanna check in with Mel grip inches in the New York bureau keeping and the forecast sports night an eyewitness got an update what's the latest. That's right they Ann's we got eleven A 11 AM update the National Hurricane Center and it time to get out if you are in those evacuations is today because by tomorrow and in that there is a Friday that's when conditions are going to go downhill very quickly now let's take a look at the latest update now hurricane warrant. Less than 500 miles now to the south east Wilmington, North Carolina. Remains a major category four hurricane winds haven't changed much with this advisory still 130 miles per hour an amendment to the toward the northwest at eighteen miles per hour. Now the window of opportunity for the strain it is getting a little bit. Shorter so we see Thursday morning still off the coast still at category or it could potentially string that this is the time frame between this morning into Thursday morning we could see some strengthening. But looking like it's not going to reach that cat eyed intensity at this moment so. That is some good news but we do have some bad news talk about with this latest track so this track has shifted a little bit to the south now over the last 24 hours and he has it moving even slower beat possibly even stalling off the coast. Here's an even closer look at the track here about blocking high pressure he thought in the north that's going to be what's been making it not moved much. As it moves they moves inland to take a look. Friday 8 AM category three. So sometime between Friday morning at a Friday night we expect landfall but I don't want everyone to get too concerned with landfall. Because this thing is going to get spit off the coast of the Carolina somewhere between. Wilmington and even the south South Carolina as well as a major hurricane shook like the weekend to a category two but beyond that it's still going to bring life threatening stars. Extremely high when Ian of course that catastrophic rainfall storms are warnings. Are in a fact for parts of spots at the North Carolina. He feared at cape lookout could see the highest storms are members on that northeast side of I where you get the highest storm surge up to thirteen feet possible. That can also shipped further south if this track shifts further further south later today. And then it's the rain parts of North Carolina could see over three feet of rain because. Like I said they end this thing is going to just stall that is what we're most concerned about with this storm it's such slow motion as it reaches the post self. We could be talking about this storm for days into the weekend even into early next week if it really slows down like the track up and we. We face slow people think well that's a good thing. Indicates that the way this storm is moving they prefer to see it move quickly when I know one of the problems of hurricane Harvey was it just sort of sat over Houston. I'm wondering if this Florentine to be showing the same kind of patterns how does this storm compared to some of the bigger stars seen. In the past. Yet you mentioned Harvey and it's a similar situation with the steering currents is very. Low steering currents here for hurricane Forrester really moved so it all like it's going into ref. I talk about landfall you know that's really not what we need to be concerned about because it possibly make landfall even later but it's still going to fit. That's very intense strong eye wall is going to sit very close in the Carolinas and that's where we're going to get back catastrophic a life threatening storm surge. In those damaging winds over a hundred miles per hour possible for all longer period of time. So it's going to look at that just kind of drink an area. Low steering current and that blocking high blocking it from moving. Pretty much anywhere further north so again some what similar to Harvey but. Area really I mean haven't seen a major hurricane and a YL Hurricane Hugo hit. South Carolina back in 1989. And North Carolina hasn't seen a major hurricane since 98 and fit with the Hurricane Fran. So are twenty years so these areas are really gonna. Have to see how they're able to prepare for this hurricane and really see how how what kind of impact that will. Not only has the aryan Nazi and a wild they have many newcomers to that states now some of those people have never. Seen a storm like it because they didn't live in those areas back bent though. A lot of you know newbies so to speak when it comes to storms like this but at least checking in with you on that to you and Natalie it sounds like people are heeding evacuation orders that at least. Is a good thing but we of course are going to continue to keep track of it all Macvicar there from the weather center we appreciate the update the forecast from.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall Friday morning and continue into Saturday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57778342","title":"National Hurricane Center urges people in evacuation zones to leave immediately","url":"/US/video/national-hurricane-center-urges-people-evacuation-zones-leave-57778342"}