National School Walkout finds students gathering for tighter gun control laws

Over 3,100 walkout events are registered across the globe, according to event organizers.
12:58 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for National School Walkout finds students gathering for tighter gun control laws
This is an ABC news. And good morning for those you just join us we are alive covering the national walk out students at thousands of schools all across the country leaving class to demand action on gun control. That is seen Washington DC right now crowd a huge crowd growing outside the White House. Is really a sight to see all over the country and it is hard to believe that this morning marks exactly one month. Since that massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school that shooting has sparked. A nationwide call to action organizers say more than 3000. Walkouts are planned. Today thousands of students and teachers are leaving their classroom for seventeen minutes. To remember the seventeen victims killed last month in Parkland ABC Victor O can go in there with more good morning Victor. Good morning Michael right now you're taking a live look at the football field here at Stoneman Douglas high in Clark when you can already see the students have filed out of their classrooms. They made their way out here this is. The mean rallying point for them today that's what they'll be spending the seventeen minutes one minute for every single one of the victims and as they walked out this morning. He came out to applause that community is out here as well the wanted to know that they were supporting them see you heard cheers you heard were with you your sings like and Steve Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. This is the spot where the fault of the students will be we've also heard from some others who say that they wanted to make their way off campus they can but it. If get better exposure to get their message out that we're so there's another rallying point other walk that area at a park nearby put there will be a prayer service and some students who get the chance. To speak. There as well. Broward County school superintendent Robert once he has told staff here not to interfere not to get you lay a student led protests. Calling this he teachable moment and they see it let's take a live look what's again at the field right here behind me into some people out signs as well. Thousands of students out here. Seventeen minutes for those victims let's bring in. A parent has a child here goes to summon Douglas this is Gloria think this is Gloria what is your son's name and what greatest in. His name is this going Francisco the misuse and he is a senior. Graduating soon. They see one of those in the middle of that mix right now she is. What if you wanna be out here this morning. Up because it's been a very emotional time for all of us. And it's part of our healing and I am just so proud of the students and what they've been able to accomplish. In creating change. Or gone lawns. That's the big thing that they're trying to do today we've already seen one bill that has been signed by the governor with a gun at school safety bill but now they're looking to make some more change so. Specifically what he talked about what if someone comes that the rally today. Well. Honestly we haven't spoken too much about the rally but he is supportive and he does want to go to Washington to protest. So he'll be at that much later on this month. So Gloria thank you so much and think for being out here today. So as I mentioned before the governor could sign of one bill would go to school safety bill but the kids out here they're demanding more gun control that want to see an all out ban. On assault weapons that is their messages today as well as he huge show of support that we're seeing around the country we will be out here all morning long as this walkout this rally continues to grow Geisel said. I immediately victory and we want to talk to one of the scenes right now called hot. Is on the phone from understanding Douglass high school it was so what's the atmosphere what's the mood this morning Colton. Com I believe that almost every. Who netted him much cooler out on the football field right now we're still trying to make our way out there's so many people. I mean it's amazing the speed including one who came to dinner will be ready to do this and they include the the strength of our community them to be on the other side of the fence that you don't want to keep. Yeah we can see that we're seeing it all across the country right now we're seeing pictures coming from all across ask us right now. You're using we've all seen what happened in Florida we want to hang galvanize public opinion on New Year's Day. Hey who once did that go far enough for you what's your hope for the country. I hope dead on we can that would make schools Dave Byrd we conduct which it from the gun laws make them a little more current. That's a big push that we need to push forward we're actually starting to get to oh with the blood you're. I just hope that we can make it different than this will be our hopefully our last computed. Do you feel like when you see those other students and high schools all across the country. Do you do you feel we'll have that strength in numbers and how do you do you hope to build connections between these communities all across the country. Absolutely. I mean just the whole strength with everybody everybody wants to change say everyone wants. To be there for each other and I mean my school we've been getting so much mail from all the different schools and everybody who want to than their prayers and best boat. We're trying to fend step back think Houston where there for you as well and thank you for your support. We definitely they can at the particular. You guys are making a difference and I can feel in my own kids schools and good luck for the rest of the day go back out there when your fellow classmates. Thank you so much. Now students and. Market park when taking that call for gun control all the way to Washington where it appears right now that issue is stalled in on the back burner let's go to the White House now where thousands of students from schools. In that area Washington Maryland and Virginia are gathering outside the White House to protest and that's where our David Curley is. With a moment of silence for those students there then David they head to the capital. It's many moments of silence Cecilia. It's an incredible scene here I say at least 2000 students are here. Saves many of those house sat down in their silence if you look in the back you can actually see some movement these are. More students that are arriving here. They were chanting. And has turned around and sat down with their backs to the White House here is the White House to this side. And these students. Honestly are now 78 minutes into the seventeen minutes of silence that they planned to. Have here and they were quite boisterous and lot of had a. Time with chants about they've had enough. It's time for change and chance against the NRA. No I've asked a couple of students here if they would mind for our national audience if they would just break this moment of silence for just the second to doctors. This is Abby Silverman who's from fallen in high school in Bethesda Maryland. Appreciate your break in this solemn moment that your fellow students are. Taking part in why it was important to be here what do you want this White House through here. According VA because it will just this little voice out a lot of people here aren't able to vote again and dancing interesting because they just want us to listen to us. We care for everyone to have a voice and systemic expressing we want to Broadway cast as a. Have a couple of friends here have you. Guys had a strong feeling about guns before it was a park food would tell me wanna do it really started on the home. And we just tell that we don't sentence. All anymore. And this is problems caused this or should we should they would go and feel safe and learn and not have to fear that something might happen mission be scared when there's a fire Childress something to happen. President is not here in the White House today if you think you're message we'll still be heard the I think their horses will be heard. And they need to be heard what's your name. Patricia Rojas Patricia thank you very much. A lot of these students from the Bethesda and Maryland and Virginia areas as you mentioned. And afterwards they plan to stay here for a little bit. I had another soon to talk to but I think we're gonna go ahead and send it was going Kidd Kevin Butler road quickly also agreed to break his son's what did you come today. So make sure that there strictly from lost touch and do you think your voice will be heard you the president stood here have been bumpy sure there would. His many people aren't you being here I'm not there and make it. Ten others who have obviously Kevin Butler from Tacoma park but it's very much guys back to you this protest going just 1017. And then we'll hear the chance again. OK David thank you we should never as a nation get comfortable hearing children say they do not feel safe in school shorthanded Levy and they didn't all across the country are seen. He's purchased a ripple across say and the time zones for right. Some of the city schools are turning to an all day event went to see most of Simons a Jewish hills high school in Atlanta. Entire student body participating rights team. Right now we got over a thousand students walk in front of the school who are on here. Demonstrating they're handing out. Live program that's taking place today. Joining me right now is one of the organizers of this is a senior this high school earnings release and met her she's got to leave us if you. Elderly people introducing a beer that she's doing the voices in the. I. Every school district didn't. Atlanta area is allowing us now we are we're lucky to be part injuring hills where we haven't gotten administration. Good supportive in our actions as love in the cat patty school system that supports believe this student movement in our student voices being heard in this situation in this dire need. Where we need to take action in our voices be heard. It's very you're talking about it being a student who again and we are talking earlier. I'm you know much like the civil rights movement of this of this sixteen young people were driving that bus and you guys are driving this bus yet waving out the window yelling at. We have invented a position where our entire lives we have witnessed the shooting actress and sheeting and NB you're making heartland that last one. We are we are stepping up we are making every season her even when those not even old enough to vote. We are out here you're telling. Local and national politicians. That this means he and two and iniki passed legislation. And common sense gun control felony lock our seats to be a priority would in this nation. Registering seniors to yesterday to hear it after this event in our library we are actually having all seniors and those seven. Holders of about Hezbollah goes to I don't know. Thank you very much Jacki for me that's going to be here throughout this out this afternoon talking to students. Back tears came before we leave here that you mentioned that some in the sun district down there are not allowing students to protest but students are defined that as well. Thought we were told them that there were some schools where the students were intending to walk out anyway so why that is. Even now. We expect to continue to see something that's all countries will discuss and Arnold on student students to demonstrate those. It's actually do so anyway. Because he wasn't some things are much many students are so passionately committed to change. And he's walk off happening are gonna happen on the West Coast later I'm sure but they're happening here on each coast right now here in New York. What do 15100 students a walking out of John F Kennedy high in plain view. Some of them wearing orange for gun violence awareness ABC Lindsay Janice is there good morning went. Good morning Mike they can see hundreds of students behind mean gathered in front of the school the organizers. Are at the podium now I can tell you one student came out and he started with if our leaders aren't going to protect us against this kind of violence that we're going to have to stand up. For ourselves they're gonna have a moment of silence they've also been reading through. Each of the names of the seventy in telling you a little bit about each of the victims they also read a poem from Alex Jack Dirk. One of the victims as Dohmann Douglas he's wrote this column just two weeks before he died it's called life is like a roller coaster. His words why is beyond his years you can hear the ceremony going on here. This is a memorial service that is what they have agreed with their school but we're told by a lot of the students here this is also about protests for that. Michael. All right thank you plenty this spring Martha Raddatz in Washington as well and NN marte UN department right after the shooting spent a lot of time. With a student to make it here at the beginning of this broadcast what a difference they hope to make the kind of connections. They hope to forge with students all across the country. Had they certainly do George and what struck me being an apartment so soon after the shooting is how. Quickly he's young students organized how quickly. They learned about gun laws they were so eloquent and so composed and mature beyond their years one young woman Lauren Hart's. Fourteen years old. Lost several of her best friends. Was able to articulate her feelings though today she's tweeting about the walkout saying we are walking out for the empty desks and the unsaid goodbyes. This M an epidemic of school shootings. Must stop and these are the kids who were organizing all of these protests and who want to come to Washington to make real change. This coming up on March 24. We wrap up our special report right now those you home if you wanna continue to follow the protest and follow the money BC and turn now to regular program. This has been a special.

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