Navy Vet Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime

PO2 Timothy Birckhead gets the Veterans Day surprise of a lifetime.
9:44 | 11/10/16

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Transcript for Navy Vet Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime
I. Feel really meant. Say and it's time where we feel so divided one thing we can all stand strongly behind as the men and women who serve in our military. Our Nat gas and 8 o'clock service unbreakable spirit gives us all reason to celebrate here's his story. I mean it is time that you OK I would send the United States knee when you're in a military. He made you take a PR team visible working. I could do to push ups and sit. Harvard well. Some reason I cannot do. The right. Hyatt no Pro Bowl was being. I was diagnosed where it's hereditary. Neuropathy we have liability. Served sharper paused. I disease. Make. Eye laying eggs and. Arm's reach. Isn't disease death progressed slowly. Or quickly go either way last year this time he was drama car. This year keys to the woods yet and there is no cure for it. Did no medication that he's willing to help but with this disease. The hard work. Winter months. It's. Things that you want to do you really don't have energy to do anything. No you're my whole life. I am so happy decoy you have the courage that. I have not seen in many young people of new age and we know that as long as you. Do what you are doing God's gonna make everything that is okay. Your money to. And I love you. I. After here tons powerful story I had to him in person and I'm going to have. Quote eight felony that he. Do I need to Philadelphia to see the challenges confront every day we're rate now in your brother's house. Yes yes you are now primary caregiver scene didn't ET. Yes I stopped two years ago we can to his condition had gotten worth. Had become before can you. That's my duty death my cap. And I did not do wonderful and walking helped film the more he has quality of life wonder if struggles right now in this house. Word is stands going on the steps. As the work out a high. In very difficult to get home I'll help in house Bob open in this. In do you things out is. Is a nightmare to me being 34. Had to ask you want to give me. Snacks so there won't be a burden on my shoulders back. Romo will chair. And give him myself. Feeling of independence party until right exactly. Last march Tim and his mother Gloria. Flew to Boston to meet with the folks from homes for our troops a nonprofit that builds mortgage free specially adapted homes for severely injured backs. They thought they were they are for informational meeting in had no idea their lives were about to change. It. They limited. Lou it's true. Yeah. Their second class Timothy Burke had his twelve year old daughter tonight Jeff it is mom Gloria. A. So you know. People always say thank you for your service but act. I think people forget bent served our service people need to also be nurtured. There are times so I'm I ask you what does it mean to get a brand new house is painful I'm not just for you. Words really can't explain to me if drilling that I had. Receiving house me somebody rule. You know you go to her whole life and try your house and give me point we're just very. Slight unbelievable. Your dad says Kevin Love of his life what do you love most about you know you can't help but your music but what do you love most about your day. He's they funny. And easily as his knees he's like always happy I don't I've thing. We want to welcome the director of marketing from homes for our troops Christie gala neck Kristy your organization has built 200 in 25 homes for veterans city. How does the process work. So rose our troops. Is a national nonprofit that builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans post nine elevenths. We build these homes mortgage freight and provide them. Tune to veterans deserving just like Timothy. We also where we're what are the charities that is a top rate military charities over ninety cents a on every dollar goes right back into the programs to build homes for these after its. Which is pretty rare aren't inside. We also provide financial planning taller veterans and so that they were setting them up for success long term. What's really most important tosses their recovery in the process of rebuilding their lives. So really it's it's we say that you don't have to Wear uniform to serve. You can donate to organizations like homes for our troops. Aren't area Patrick is this is that Tuesday's tomorrow just remember that about yeah it's really all about. Thank them they they've really sacrificed a lot for what we can do every day yeah oh yeah. Five but getting to church seems to be a challenge yes yes. Snow let the good thing is my church. Has huge and so I can 21. Video everything. It's no problem you know what in my heart. If I close my eyes and I say it. I remember we brought cherished you. Can I get an amen. And every. A lot of you all of you do because it definitely takes a community to do this now. Tim we know you pick out the land and you know it you're getting house but it could take a few years before it's built yes. We it's more bad news. The wait is over because homes for our troops will get this project under way in less than two months. Saving money because house is big and you gotta feel that you're stating what yes you can see that money to. Because we reached out to our friends at Home Depot. And they are committed to doing more for veterans to the home people foundation and they happen explosive brand furniture and deport home decorators collection. So put your money away because. Okay. I have to ask the question is like a dining room in this house. Bedrooms bathroom his looking let's let's do let's do it all okay. You tout. Either gonna build an interior in your house and he we have decided that we're Gannett we're also sharing upbeat along the way we're gonna fill. The whole album home dean did not. I think the Bible way Baptist Church coming of the Long Island board of realtors and Douglas element for introducing us to homes for our troops are sponsored don't eat well. And a true hero Timothy bird cat yeah.

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{"id":43449759,"title":"Navy Vet Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime","duration":"9:44","description":"PO2 Timothy Birckhead gets the Veterans Day surprise of a lifetime.","url":"/US/video/navy-vet-surprise-lifetime-43449759","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}