Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, Information Emerges

New details come to light about the man responsible for the deadly shooting.
16:13 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, Information Emerges
This is a special report from ABC news. Look what I'm Dan -- or -- ABC news digital special report. Folks in the nation's capital back at work today after yesterday's deadly shooting at the DC navy yard. Thirteen people dead including the shooter. The ages of the twelve victims ranging from 46. To 73 the gunman. 34 year old -- Alexis a sailor a reservists in the navy who was never deployed and was discharged in 2011. He then became an IT subcontractor for the navy the motive still unknown but details about his life are trickling in. We know that he had some run ins with the law while employed by the armed forces and at the navy investigated the matter. Which possibly lead to his discharge. And today officials remember the victims in a ceremony. While law enforcement -- trying to figure out exactly what happened. Wanted to ABC's -- on Browning. -- -- Hello from the Washington navy yard where people have been coming and going all day the essential workers are back on the job here. Elsewhere across the city people have been taking a moment today to remember the victims. Today at the navy memorial in downtown Washington Defense Secretary chuck -- and other top brass. Paid their respects to the victims of the shooting at Washington's navy yard. Among the twelve who died. 51 year old Arthur Daniels a grandfather of nine and Kenneth Procter. 46 years old who worked for the government for 22 years. Authorities say 34 year old -- Alexis who was killed in a shootout with police was behind the massacre. He was one of the navy's own a contractor with access to the navy yard and a former navy reservists who received an honorable discharge. The VA is checking to see if the suspects had received treatment for psychological issues meanwhile police are searching for a motive. Going through this Toyota Prius believed to be the suspects rental car and visiting a nearby residents and where he'd been staying. The FBI also descended on his parents' home in Brooklyn. -- is going on won't do it. -- Alexis has a history of disturbing behavior he was arrested in 2010 accused of recklessly discharging a firearm into a neighbor's apartment. And 2004 Alexis confessed to shooting out the tires of another man's car he strikes me as a guy that's been going downhill for probably a number of months if not years and he just couldn't take it anymore. Sources tell ABC news authorities continue to pore over evidence including the suspect's laptop they are trying to get to a motive. Live in front of the Washington navy yard to -- Bradley ABC. -- -- -- Start tomorrow thank you for that -- on I wanted to ask you given in light of yesterday's shooting. Has that reinvigorated the gun debate. -- that it looks like it might yesterday President Obama certainly. Tried to raise the stakes saying that this is just another one of these mass shootings here in this country there have been the president's right there there have been nineteen. Mass shootings involving five or more people killed by -- gunman since the president took over nineteen. But it's a tricky situation now we we saw after five the sandy -- -- twenty children killed six adults -- last December on an enormous push on Capitol Hill for tougher gun laws but that has stalled. It's very difficult you look at the the Colorado senate race there were two democratic candidates. Who were recalled. Because they favored. Tougher background checks before gun purchases the -- pouring a lot of money into that race. And also charging Michael Bloomberg's. A group for a lot of money that -- a very polarizing issue but no doubt Dan. This will continue that that dialogue about gun control it. -- -- -- Come on Bradley. In Washington DC two -- thank you that I want to bring in now -- Martinez at the Pentagon there for more on the investigation and the life. Aaron Alexis and -- we heard that there is a possibility of psychological issues that may have affected Alexis. What do we now. -- we're hearing that information from several sources that he. Had some psychological issues potentially. But it's unclear exactly when and what time we're talking about. Whether he exhibited the symptoms while he was in uniforms in -- reservists in four and Dallas Fort Worth. Or after he left the -- -- think this with an honorable discharge in January of that 2011. And there's some reports out there that he's -- he was treated received some kind of treatment by the Veterans Affairs Department that something that we're still trying to ascertain. As fact. But there's that out there that we're trying to undetermined. -- there's a whole other list of -- items that are coming out about. Alexis as we -- through the -- with regards to his security clearances -- -- potentially how he got into that building. -- where he began shooting spree. And other information about earlier brushes with the law what we know that he serve but it did he see actual combat duty. Now he did not he won't join the Navy Reserves as an illustrations meet basically working on helicopter idiotic -- secure kinds. Advanced weaponry the computer system -- that are on board helicopters so in order to work on that as -- illustrations -- you kind of have to have a secret clearance. Think of it as a the only way to you can work on a secure computer is if -- authorized to do so swell the same with computer equipment to sign a helicopter. So he went -- -- -- security clearance back in 2007 when he joined the -- It was approved in march of 2008 and we just learned that Clarence actually do not last for ten years so. When he left the -- in 2011. He -- he still had. -- many more years that clearance which could help them in the private sector because many companies. -- would that do business with the defense sector trying to hire. Employees and already have these national security clearances. Because that makes it easier for them to get hired and to -- contract it out the Defense Department. So yes they're trying to build essentially a biography on Alexis to the -- -- investigators have any idea -- that he used that clears them. To -- -- an economic -- -- perk card key to get access into the navy yard yesterday. Well -- -- two things -- number one the national security -- for the secret level would have gotten him the job and would have given him access to work on computers inside the building. We have confirmed that he also had a base access card -- -- the -- card. That would have enabled him to get access two any military installation in this case the Washington in the yard. So he would've cleared security checkpoint with it -- vehicle. And then gone to building 197 which would have had its own separate security measures in place -- typically you swipe your card through a turnstile and then -- in. Were told that it appears he carried a bag and this person. And then -- that Baghdad somewhere inside the facility. -- where he was carrying a shotgun they purchased a last week in suburban Virginia and we know that he was born in Brooklyn New York his last known whereabouts were in Texas. Investigators have been scouring the country trying to gather any kind of leads that they might have. On where he was spending his time how he was spending his time and they've also been interviewing his family correct. That's correct his family associates say in Texas and in Brooklyn have been being investigated as are some medical workers that he stayed with at a nearby hotel. Here in Washington DC when he arrived last week for his contract and job. It appears that he had worked with this company this. HP subcontractor. That he had worked with them overseas in Japan sometime last year. And that when he came back to the states. Good continuing their contract with them he worked at several facilities stateside. That so obviously they're gonna -- try to retrace his steps talking to associates along the way seeing if there any signs any troubling signs that -- picked up on. Many missed signals and it could have indicated that there is some behavioral issues that might have triggered. This tragic series of events and in what are investigators telling us about the run ins with the law that he has had. Well we're learning now is that he had and a third brush with the law. -- when he was in an eighty yen reserves this it occurred in August of 2008. Down in DeKalb County Georgia. -- he received a citation for disorderly conduct. Now we heard yesterday that he had. This incident in the 2010 where he was cleaning his rifle in his apartment and -- discharge and was investigated not prosecuted. Then there is another incident in 2004 Seattle something along the lines a little bit of -- rage incident. Now we he fired -- -- into some tires. And a fit of rage -- but again no prosecution there. Well this new event in Georgia triggered. -- what triggered an internal review within mini. And that he may have received nonjudicial punishment it's unclear exactly what he could've gotten. It would have been some room administrative punishment may be but we are told by -- officials that. -- this fit a pattern with him Alexis had about maybe eight or ten incidents of misconduct while he was in the -- And ultimately they sought to get rid of him -- general discharge he failed in that -- it did not meet the criteria. But ultimately he -- -- general -- an honorable discharge. And an eighty agree that that was a good thing for both sides and he was discharged so they -- needy record was not too stellar. -- on by a series of misconduct on the military side and also these and other -- -- the -- with a lot of refining out on the civilian side as well. And we are continuing to learn more about Alexis. ABC's -- Martinez at the Pentagon really thank you for that. Of course the shooting has brought the issue of gun control back into focus -- yesterday during an update about the victims. The medical director at the Washington hospital doctor Janice or -- ski. Became emotional and advocating for change. There's something wrong here when we -- Had these -- to -- the shootings these multiple entries -- something wrong. The only thing that I can -- -- we have to work together to get rid of that. I'd like you put my trauma center out of business. I really would. I would like -- not be an expert to aren't gunshots and not to be an expert and on this we are. We do it well. Eight the very experienced surgeons and -- frankly I'd rather than you ever dreamed of surgery and and other things hand. Get -- it's great city it's great country and we have to work together to get rid of this. -- we just can. You know one more shooting -- -- There's so many people killed. We've got to figure this -- we've got to be able to help each other. Who were dealing right now with three innocent people. But mine my prayers -- my thoughts -- -- there's people who had. Died as a -- today and -- you know their families they're gonna have to go through. -- I have to say you know it's a challenge to all of us let's get rid of this. This is this is not America this is not Washington DC offices this is not good. -- we we've got to work to get rid of this. Very direct and a very broad plea. By that medical officer there -- want to bring in ABC's political director Rick Klein for more on the national reaction to the shooting. And Rick -- understand some lawmakers actually had scheduled gun control sessions with victims of gun violence. And those sessions were pushed back. Is that now Ben rescheduled. Extraordinary bit of timing that this is going to be a major push week for gun control advocates. The victims' families from Chicago from new town from -- -- all on Capitol Hill. This week it was a hearing that was scheduled today. On this stand your ground laws that was postponed but a lot of the other action events press conferences rallies in the light. Will be going on a schedule that will be spread out throughout this week trying to draw attention. And now in the wake of another tragedy to the emergencies around -- control what has -- the response from the NRA. The NRA is done what they typically do which is to go -- -- radio silence on social media and elsewhere for about 24 hours. And put up 88 -- small quiet tribute to the victim's family is insane at their hearts are with the victims no mention. Of gun violence in this on the web site -- picture of America reflect quite simple. Posted overnight last night and that's what they usually do they don't comment. And when they do start to comment -- they -- mountain and usually say the same kind of things about mental health and that sort of thing but making clear that law abiding. Gun owner shouldn't face any additional restrictions we saw. As you know they had a major battle earlier this year in the wake of the -- -- shooting in Connecticut over gun control that -- probably the closest that we've gotten to new gun laws in twenty years. But that -- that bill died in the senate -- died amid fierce opposition from the NRA and other gun rights groups. So the challenge now for advocates is to try to get that back on the agenda. We're also hearing that Capitol Hill there was panic -- during the shooting. Things -- -- since resumed. Yes I think in the initial reports so when there was the possibility of another. Gunman or two on the loose there was a panic in large sections of the neighborhood around the capital keep in mind the navy yard. Complex is up about a mile maybe -- that from the capital close to Nationals Park where they. One of canceling the game last night so in that confusion in neck in -- concern. The senate for example -- net total lockdown at one point senators who were scheduled to come back I didn't -- cult of votes it was just it was an afternoon of a lot of disarray. And concern in not knowing exactly how what else was going on -- and I think as the investigation is gone on in -- forty toward. Just as one suspect is deceased things and resume to normal today Rick our. Our lawmakers and advocates. Tighter gun control are they taking any solace in the fact that the president has spoken. And and other lawmakers and supporters of further control have said that this effect is on the thirteenth mass shooting and that in fact. Given by the sheer number of it that in that that could encourage those that might be withholding their support that this could be -- tipping point. I think they're pretty realistic about those prospects the you have a situation where we had this moments of of that true national tragedy. Late last year in the killing of twenty. Schoolchildren a Connecticut and that was a wake up call when we go it's almost trite to say well this time it's different that time it really was different the country was looking -- -- -- and a different way. And -- was a moment there where it looked like we might see some new laws around universal background checks and some advancement in the senate the bipartisan agreement. When that bill died however that may have been the last best moment. In the current political environment take up new gun control the president. I yesterday saudis are frustrated talking about facing another one of these incidents he's leery but he knows the public is weary of it he also knows the politics around that he's gonna continue to -- away. But until -- unless you can change the calculus in the senate we need five additional votes the flip. And control and Indian support of further gun control in support of further. Extended background checks and then we're not going anywhere that says nothing of the Republican controlled house which has no likelihood no aptitude no no appetite to take up new gun laws this year. ABC's Rick -- Washington Rick thank you for that we certainly do appreciate it of course we have a complete write up on On the latest on the investigation. In the navy are shooting for now -- -- cuts -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20282847,"title":"Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, Information Emerges","duration":"16:13","description":"New details come to light about the man responsible for the deadly shooting.","url":"/US/video/navy-yard-shooter-aaron-alexis-information-emerges-20282847","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}