Neighborhood's Dirty Secret: Life on a Landfill

Havelock, N.C., residents' yards yield asbestos shingles, glass bottles and harmful chemicals.
1:58 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Neighborhood's Dirty Secret: Life on a Landfill
Or the Hart Memorial Day a little yard work can do a body -- Yeah another -- some hidden still -- and so you are right there but could it be buried treasure that's asbestos shingle as you're asked questions not quite -- they're grounded just bad it's very grounded very -- Tainted with. Hundreds of baby food jars. Beer cans label still intact the old steel beer cans they go way back and youth church keyed open there's definitely a landfill this neighborhood may look nice. They say there's an old school -- -- -- right now backyard but it holds a dirty secret there's trash under this town. There's some. Pretty nasty stuff -- round and they've sampled and the next seven down the way to. Some people can get a tree -- -- they die. It's a problem warrants altered noticed in the early 2001. He can keep quiet about no longer I want the city to recognize what they've done. And not done. And -- are pushing the state. And get somebody up there to. To get this project started but really how much can -- be Salter -- into his law and to show me. Buckets of trash might be an appropriate phrase to describe. All the garbage that's buried underneath the ground here after digging a hole about a foot deep that's -- out of -- -- pulled up and all of this. You put a military group crossed my garden and Nelson would -- it's enough to attract attention from passers by -- from state Hydro geologists. This report shows the presence of arsenic pat Meehan. Plenty of iron and -- activity it's enough to make this homeowner worried plus another who lives down the road. We've had gardens in the ground before. And -- usual role awhile and -- they just they just --

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{"id":19271267,"title":"Neighborhood's Dirty Secret: Life on a Landfill","duration":"1:58","description":"Havelock, N.C., residents' yards yield asbestos shingles, glass bottles and harmful chemicals.","url":"/US/video/neighborhoods-dirty-secret-life-on-a-landfill-19271267","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}