Officials Search for Motive in Deadly Nevada School Shooting

One teacher was killed and two students injured by the alleged gunman, who is now dead.
4:35 | 10/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officials Search for Motive in Deadly Nevada School Shooting
This is a special -- I'm Dan -- New York with that ABC news digital special report on that deadly school shooting in sparks Nevada. The city hoping asking so many questions today and we are finding out more about the -- -- -- students who rushed into the chaos. ABC Cecilia Vega joins us live from sparks Nevada with the latest -- Hi Dan you can see behind me this school is still a crime scene here police cars and and police officers posted out front. The -- you -- you know use that it heroes that's what's being -- that's what the students and the teachers alike are being called today. As for the Dennehy was just a boy he was wearing a school uniform that yellow and green uniform when he opened fire as for the motive police say is still unknown. -- students is sparks middle school returned from fall break shots rang out at atlas peak they. At -- -- is suspended for her at the gun. It did you -- about -- -- -- -- -- When one of their classmates in his Reno suburb opened -- just minutes before the morning bell. Consider spark capital -- it happened. I don't. Happening so fast it was over before police even arrived an initial first 911 call came in response was less than three minutes the gunman shooting another student in the shoulder witnesses say Michael Lansbury -- 45 year old math teacher and veteran tried to stop the shooter. Only to be shot dead himself the boy went inside shooting another boy in the stomach. Then the shooter turned the gun on. Self fatally do have friends. Still -- today he got believed to -- science but amid the tragedy this morning stories of funeral with them. -- student part of the group that tried to help Lansbury running Tolbert the gunfire instead of away from its. -- reinforcements. -- that's pretty pretty. -- teachers and they didn't know how to help they just knew they wanted to. We -- and he is still breathing room there any teachers there helping -- enough teachers are inside because they're ten -- students and side they could still hear gunshots so they ran inside and hid in the dark classroom. -- scared to be there to help them kind. Overnight -- an outpouring of grief -- community in mourning to me that tells me that he touched somebody's heart. That means a -- His life. -- we here at the description heroics and bravery. Not only by the teacher but also some of those students there. -- what do we know about Michael -- -- Michael Lansbury is -- one of these teachers if you think back to -- middle school days to everybody it seems that the school really -- -- -- -- math teacher and not just that he is a batter he was a veteran. He served in the Marines he did multiple tours in Afghanistan he was a member of the Nevada National Guard people his students are posting on their FaceBook today yesterday -- social media. -- stories about how much they loved him one girl said that he was the type of teacher who told them he would do anything to protect the people he -- and Dan. And clearly -- mysteries about what we've heard out here yesterday that that's what happened with Michael Lansbury on that schoolyard. -- and obviously very much miss. I know -- police are looking for a motive for now the bigger question is where and how. Did this student get his hands on a gun. As you say -- -- right that's that's the question right now now we are learning. This morning that authorities believe he may have access to gotten from the home. -- don't know any more than that at this point we we don't even know his official identity we don't know his age we know from witnesses out here. That he was a student at the students are telling us that he was -- seventh grader. You heard what girl and her story say that he she she she saw him -- in -- hallway she she -- people tricked him she says he was one of these students who was picked on in class. Why this happened that motive police haven't released yet but again the kids who know him say that he was a troubled child. Absolute heartbreak ABC -- city -- -- -- sparks Nevada Cecilia thank you for that. Of course we have a complete report. On For now I'm -- cuts -- or quit this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20645732,"title":"Officials Search for Motive in Deadly Nevada School Shooting","duration":"4:35","description":"One teacher was killed and two students injured by the alleged gunman, who is now dead.","url":"/US/video/nevada-school-shooting-officials-search-motive-deadly-washoe-20645732","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}