News headlines today: May 20, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.
5:08 | 05/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for News headlines today: May 20, 2019
A manhunt this morning in Auburn Alabama. For a man accused of shooting three police officers one officer has died another is now in surgery. Police say the suspect may be wearing shining armor and helmet. Protesters hitting the streets rallying against new laws budding new restrictions on abortions. Hundreds marching to the Alabama State Capitol and and thousands more chanting a similar message in Kansas City, Missouri well. The demonstrators protesting strict antiabortion measures. Recently passed in both states which once in effect criminalize is the procedure for doctors and makes no exceptions for rape or incest. President trump says he thinks those exception should be and lights out. Several people are hurt after a tour bus was bomb near the Giza pyramids in Egypt officials believe there was hit by a roadside bombing bus was on his way to a nearby hotel all of the injuries described as minor. Just days after the US ordered nonemergency personnel out of the American Embassy in Baghdad. Rock it has been fired into the Iraqi capital's Green Zone. The hit less than a mile from the US embassy no reports of casualties. It's the first black woman elected to. It is mayor of Chicago board Lightfoot will officially sworn in today. So graduating class at Morehouse College waking up today with the huge weight off their shoulders. Billionaire Robert Smith says he's wiping out all of their student loan debt. My family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. I know my class who make sure they hate us. This graduation gift is estimated at forty million dollars essentially wiping out the students at the entire morehouse graduating class act. When he ninety. The dramatic finish in the NBA playoffs the Toronto Raptors needed double OT but they finally beat the bucks. Why it later scored 36 points the bottles what was 118 to 112. Brooke America. It may have wondered we get PGA championship but he might be waking up on the house this morning. Before the final round at 29 year old was caught on camera rejecting his girlfriend a tip that pits him. And not work the day after you give me but twice twice kept ahead in the eyes on the prize. And had no time for PDA happens CE. The PGA championship trophies a made up quarter with a few folks to match kiss is after celebrating the fourth major title. We outs to Jersey and one of those days that we have. Very significant connection is severe weather expect quite often this planet is high risk this is only issued every so often has spent years back. As it happens to fall on. That was the war over much pain and dozens of lives more than it isn't. I despise you Miller who has looked out today because this not just more and doesn't necessarily mean they will see that morning. But it's well beyond so it's been after a weekend what thirties tornados. Reports. Really picturesque tornadoes many of them the right up and a but you're seeing this area today there's one that mr. and a first round the department damaging wind from western Oklahoma and Texas. Whitney comes in the trial and that's it huge instigating factor today but I'm short term models but her. And you and start to see at 4 PM individual cells DC how there's that red hot they just Dow and credit Oklahoma. The northwest there. Egypt indicates that he atmosphere tends. To have it I just. Individual cell what that means there's an twits in the atmosphere. If you have south it's going to win so that's why we. Eight I damaging wind speeds and Angela. But my torn and especially in the area see there sill Lawton Oklahoma. Wichita Falls, Texas cattle. All in this area we see after a tornado when he gets going it has the possibility of being applied in long track. Violent tornadoes. Hail and so this is the time that you act they think you've got hours left. Now prepare find yourself a shelter union I have a sheltering. A lot of schools are closed this is how what you do right now go find a place you can be safe. Because it ain't your neck pilot area that's gonna happen. People like that way he wanna get there not have to add that line is gonna. Come together and his ilk he gonna see us just brain cells from Kansas that you wish talk to Tulsa Oklahoma City and Wichita Falls. Without flash flood alerts. And rightfully so El Reno Oklahoma which is after that more of that eighteen people died in a flash flooding as well as the. Yeah.

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