News headlines today: May 22, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.
5:56 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: May 22, 2019
Saddle in Washington presidents from now sparring with Democrats after comments from speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. We believe that no one is about the law and clean president of the United States. I wish that the president Harrison. Engaged. Won't cover up. In a speech from the Rose Garden president trump fired back refusing to work with Democrats and demanding an aim to investigation into his administration. I want to do infrastructure. I want to do it more than you want to do it. I'd be really good at that that's what I do it's you know lot and can't do it under these circumstances so get. These phony investigations of the way. And the following the president's remarks Democrats hold a press conference he BC's Mary Bruce was there. The president has that ever since the day after the mid term that if Democrats are on your going to go after him it was going to be very difficult for them to get anything. Done legislatively and it seems that we are now seeing a very blunt reminder of that bond. Make no mistake Nancy Pelosi has zero intention of dropping. Any investigations here on the hill intact of course we are seeing more calls. Prep from members within the Democratic Caucus count more than two dozen Democrats saying that they should move to begin impeachment proceedings. Violent protests have erupted in Indonesia after the announcement of the results of that country's presidential election. Supporters of the unsuccessful candidates clashed with security forces throwing rocks and setting fire to a police dormitory in the capital. Six people are dead more than 200 or hurt. The president of Indonesia joke a window don't want a second term with just over 55%. Of the vote. His opponent former general trouble won't be until it is refusing to accept the results and has declared himself the winner. A new deal this morning between the Justice Department and the House Intelligence Committee over the mullah report. Committee chair Adam Schiff says he's postponing a meeting on enforcement actions now that the Justice Department. It's agreeing to start handing over counter intelligence documents. There are new charges against attorney Michael Leavitt knotty now accused of stealing 300000. Dollars from former client stormy Daniels who battled president trump at an audience charged with fraud and identity theft and could get twenty years in prison. The man known as the American Taliban is said to be released tomorrow John Walker Lindh has been behind bars for seventeen years. A pilot for an American Airlines subsidiary has pleaded not guilty in an arraignment in Kentucky. Christian Martin is accused of murdering three neighbors in twin fifteen. He was recently arrested in his pilot's uniform just as he was about to take off with the plane full of passengers. British lawmakers blasting the prime minister as she explained the much maligned for exit deal she hopes to push through in a fourth attempt. Threesome made calls her latest plans bowl. Label if you looked any of parliament would use opposition labor party leader Jeremy Corbin says her approach is chaotic Endesa. And she no longer has the authority to offer a compromise. And cannot deliver. That's why. It's time for a general election to break the break sit down. Starbucks is facing a lawsuit accusing some New York City locations including the health. Of customers at risk the class action lawsuit says the shops are using powerful pesticides. They should not be around humans or food. This list is now rolling out and they'll feature Ford's ride sharing app. To help keep people safe look just adding new features to its staff to help riders make sure they're getting into the pool wrecked vehicle the driver's license plate information will be larger and passengers to be able to access to 911 permits idea lift will also now require feedback from the writer when they give the driver he more than four stars also new voluntary training on how to prevent sexual harassment being offered to drivers and riders. An unusual high speed chase in Southern California police trying to pull over the stolen RV. For a traffic offense when the driver took off speeding down we'll histories during the chase the army smashed into a tree. Several cars the driver kept going despite the damage. Until one final crash and then ran off on foot was one of her two dogs following her. Please holly took her to custody sheet to weather drivers. And both dogs were all injured but none seriously. If they give flooding continues in parts of the plains and midwest still have flood warnings from Obama's seat we try to Springfield and more rain. Is on the way and not just a rain but it's also the severe weather a moderate risk for severe storms has been issued by the storm prediction center from tolls through Joplin Missouri in the central necessary. And that is more ill and large tornadoes later this afternoon into the evening so we do you have a heightened risk. Those severe storms this Mary's I have already in the tornado outbreak earlier this week but your credit possible any where from Oklahoma City or Chicago. The grill tonight and we're gonna watch assistance along that called for starters there's the Ohio valley tomorrow that means the northeast by tomorrow afternoon into the evening with a dress. Your letter parenting new system makes its way into the lane and yet another round of severe storms coming on Thursday to here's the risk areas for Thursday to enhance risk for parts of Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia damaging winds and the dry air by hail and isolate it was still possible. And and new storm bringing average commute in hands wrists. Parts of the Texas can't handle and western Oklahoma and Kansas for more tornadoes hail and damaging winds and write the date night on buyers that.

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