News headlines today: Dec. 3, 2018

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.
4:08 | 12/03/18

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Transcript for News headlines today: Dec. 3, 2018
A. It's memories of former president George H. W. Bush. And every passed away at the age of 94. I think he's gonna go down as the greatest one term president hammer the body of George H. W. Bush to begin a journey back to the city where bush spent decades in public life. Including as vice president and president. The current president ordered that his official claims the news and world peace and English and V. President trumps of the use of the blue and white Boeing 747 was at fitting honor of the 41 chief executive the president's casket will be loaded onto the plane late this morning by this evening he'll be lying in state beneath. The capitol rotunda. First two funerals is set for Wednesday he is. Menem's numerous occasions insisted. We'll fill their loved his fans. It's very proud of. Market futures are up after president from work that the troops in the trade with China's president. Feel later striking a deal at the G-8 wanting to give negotiators ninety days to come up with a more permanent solution. That's right death at the top US navy captain Roland Italy got journey. Found dead in his home in about rain at roster he had command of some 20000 forces. In one of the most important and potentially volatile regions of the world and the Persian gulf the Strait of Hormuz in the Red Sea. This is where American navy has confronted Iran's revolutionary guard vessels. Weapons smugglers and pirates amorous turning. Was a decorated F eighteen island at top gun instructor. How can carry and landings he'd also served in Afghanistan Central Command. Sources who knows Bernie tell ABC his death is suspected suicide. Which is why this came it's such a shock to all of them knew him. Men and women who commanded a real tragedy and. Over 400 people have been arrested in Paris after days of protest. ABC senior foreign correspondent Ian vandals is that business is confident that ATM's where the moment the songs. But Detroit. Schools and Anchorage Alaska will be closed all week after powerful earthquake hit the area. He inhibition does the school superintendent. We have 4000 classrooms to assessed. As well as nearly eight million square feet two. To walk to double check. Meteorologists in busy here got a couple of headlines revealed by weekend and you see images from Alan diet there were nearly thirty. Joining us from Oklahoma and Missouri right through it quite we're fifteen confirmed tornadoes in their. And outlook end up being lately the second most tornadoes in the month of December and one day at the state of the damage from that shows you. Just want to know yet you. Winds 12130. Miles per hour Taylor well. At least 25 people were injured that same front sink south and north Florida with party scene tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings from southeastern Georgia. Through north and it just gains them something like sports.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59574053","title":"News headlines today: Dec. 3, 2018","url":"/US/video/news-headlines-today-dec-2018-59574053"}