News headlines today: Feb. 7, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.
7:20 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: Feb. 7, 2019
A. Some political turmoil in Virginia has widened attorney general mark caring. Admitted to wearing black face when he was in college in 1980 more caring saying we dress stuffs. Since the weeks and brown makeup paring a Democrat apologizing. Would not resigning. Something he called on governor Ralph Norton to do. After north of admitted yet once dressed in black face as portable Michael Jackson costumes Virginia governor and lieutenant governor. Also facing accusations. Of past bad behavior stunned and shocked and incredibly disciplined. Awful week for Virginia. He lawmakers on the congressional committee trying to avoid a second government partial shut down. Saying they're inching toward a proposal on border security and the budget. President from this morning says investigations into his tax returns and business ties to Russia. Our quote unlimited presidential harassment the chair of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff is promising what he calls a sweeping investigation. His effort to. Discourage any meaningful oversight of the administration. That's a non starter. A five year old girl was pulled alive from the rubble nineteen hours after the collapse. Of an eight story apartment buildings in Istanbul rescue workers pulled six others out of the bubble and are working to read more residents. That could be trapped. This morning the father of Jamie clauses alleged abductor is breaking his silence. Speaking out exclusively to ABC news. With this message for classes. Family I would like to humbly ask people. Prairie. For a complete human. Jimmy's heart mind and soul. Hurts our broken. Further. Fares are per. Patrick Patterson did not want to answer questions about the investigation just hours after her son Jake made his first court appearance. Investigators here in San Francisco as a private construction crews. Working underground when they hit and gadfly and that's in flames shooting up into here there is a fireball on this block. For three hours on Wednesday that charred building that you're looking at was a popular restaurant here. In San Francisco this is an area that is have to allow one's time around the time in this fire broke out people describe. The streets here as rumbling this day and everything started shaking when they took off. Running for their wives more than a hundred firefighters responded to that fires a three alarm fire that took them three hours to cap. The gas line and put the fire out. So leading Vatican journalist says the flooding beau Brad says for admitting do hidden widespread violence against non. Speaking to journalists the Pope admitted that sexual abuse by priests of nuns is a problem. The first Pope ever to a publicly acknowledged the issue. Funny six year old man to suggest that he. After seventeen year veteran police officer Matthew rittner was shot and killed while trying to execute a search floor. Britain or the third Milwaukee got to be killed in the line of duty in the past eight months. Meteorologist in dizzy here we have so many headlines it's not including. That they didn't isn't pair on the temperature gradient that is forcing store and sell part of it. Flash flooding he had a can rest is one person swept away died in the water is the instant that was just one issue where it starts in the mold her. Overruns it and then you get ice they CNET school bus. Just slipping and sliding and that tech it. Happening this morning in Kansas City and I strong warning placed Oklahoma. Iowa. Flood watches all throughout Kentucky southern Ohio Indiana. And that's all and that lo which is finally an. We're gonna finally just east what that leaves behind is up to three inches of rain in that Wisconsin Green Bay six to twelve inches of snow. As an interior New England even but I what happened on the southern end of it is important this would be the severe storms that in the air we have start watching and it's not just. And dealing in Indianapolis heart LO. Gotten in this. But also can even see. Tornadoes some isolated storms Pryor how lining up at home. Yeah.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60908504","title":"News headlines today: Feb. 7, 2019","url":"/US/video/news-headlines-today-feb-2019-60908504"}