News headlines today: Jan. 18, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines today.
4:47 | 01/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for News headlines today: Jan. 18, 2019
An explosive new report from buzz feed news. Claiming president from directed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lied to congress about negotiation would Russia during the 2016 here Shane. To build a trump tower in Moscow. Citing two law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter. Article claims after the election to president instructed Colin to say that negotiations over the building project. And it months earlier than it actually did it in an attempt to quote obscured Trump's involvement ABC news is not cooperated Bucs beat the hell. It is dates. Eight of the partial government shutdown Democrats refusing to negotiate with the president until the government reopened its House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also suggesting president trump reschedule his State of the Union Address amid the shutdown. We haven't heard as. Gary silent for more than 24 analysts still no word whether the president will postpone the address instead of the president sent a letter to Pelosi denying the use of a military aircraft to visit troops in Afghanistan and allies in Brussels. Back the party's new applicants pay for teachers and I'll play. Now in today's times of this night. Were bargaining hard and were organizing on the ground hard and we've got to continue down. We're gonna push into the bustling town over the weekend this may very well go in the next week. It's just down being driven by a fight over border wall money. We're now learning about a large group of asylum seekers that burrowed under a wall already in place near Yuma Arizona earlier this week nearly 400 people 180 of them. Where children. There's 176. Kids and that group of 376. So I think kids and a lot little. That's half North Korean official is now in Washington DC for talks today with secretary Mike Pompeo. About a possible second summit between president trump and North Korean leader Kim dump him. The health and human services department's inspector general says thousands more migrant children. Main been separated from their parents at the US Mexico border than previously reported by the administration. He's got notebook diving judges when it rains Chicago cops accused of trying to cover up police killing public want McDonald. Jason van dyke fired officer was killed McDonald's. Sentenced today asking for probation order billboards is six years in prison. Scientists now think Saturn may have spent almost its entire existence without rains and Italian led team finds saturn's primary rings appear to be. 101000200. Million years old compared to the planet we choose four point five billion years old and. This is an old kicks off Gladys Knight will be singing she's been tapped to perform star spangled banner this year. The seven time Grammy winner says he's proud to use her boys to quote. You night and represent her hometown of Atlanta 74 year old was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1986. We ousted C had telling you about that winter storm this weekend they'll absolutely impact travel especially a lot of people get around the holidays to look at talk about what's would be. I sit ins called it some of the energy and Clinton is at least already board feet of snow flakes California gears and lots of excellent this since the day when there. And then there when the parents ultimately after the southern plains watch those warnings and advisories for me I'll important point. 86. Inches of snow showers after. Then eventually to lead a Pittsburg all the way up to mean and here's why you got that second straight through it really gathers steam today. Wrapped up by tomorrow morning Chicago should see some major impacts travel by tomorrow morning and then has some lake effect on the back end of Indianapolis Seles still bans Leno over it expert by Saturday night sees still that's when it starts for New York City. Starts later Saturday night Boston and watch that this is going to be critical how much still folks at Albany girls against Kelly it put him. But if you are south of there. Take wells near city it will transition to an icy if not even rain and the senate are violent. That is gonna cut out some of those the keep in mind is that that this storm that instantly is going to be. Critical as to who gets what we seem to see some and a half plus. I temples eyes. And the areas that Toledo who hasn't had this season looking for even three inch or so to be a big deal. But then you get it's safe Binghamton Albany. And New Hampshire means. That's the theory it's going to be fall. Within the coasts and cut down on that travel. And drag her out and that's ice that becomes even in the re raises a possible they. The wind chills. Will make it Italy and Washington DC and and the acquitted itself well that twenty to forty miles per.

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