Newtown Elementary School Closed Over Threat

Head O' Meadow students were turned away from school after officials received a threat.
2:18 | 12/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newtown Elementary School Closed Over Threat
And there's -- in. Increased police presence at this hour one of the elementary schools here in the -- town school district. This is just as students across this area are returning to class for the very first time since the shooting. The increased security presence is just a short trip away from sandy -- -- it -- had a meadow elementary school and at Kennametal. It's important to note because now it is close for the day classes not resume there. Eyewitness News reporter Marcy Gonzales justified on the scene just a short time ago to bring this up today marks. -- school was supposed to reopen here today but it appears some sort of the threat was made. Against the school police called in some officers were already here just for the start of school but the school was put on lockdown and just about a half hour ago we did seat parents driving arts teachers driving away from the school a one was wiping tears from her face but this is after. -- parents came to the school here trying to drop their children off. And they were turned away by police say no did just go out to parents saying that they were told to expect threats and because of this student will not be able to come to school here today. As we wait for more information about this students at five other schools in the district were able to go back to class for the first time since Friday's tragedy. Except of course sandy -- school officials are still trying to determine when those students could go back to class. But when he do you it will be seven miles away at the chalk hill school. A middle school that closed a year and a half ago crew spent yesterday bringing desks artwork and other supplies. Out of sandy hook and driving them to that new location. Meanwhile teachers and staff from the other schools in the district spent yesterday training with child bereavement experts and mental health counselors -- how to help students cope. And to help them feel comfortable being back at school. Of course grief counselors are at those schools today and police -- on campus just trying to bring a sense of security to these students. And these parents a police are still investigating the situation here -- metals. Elementary school we're waiting to get information on what kind of threat. Was made against this school but again no class will be held here today a still no word on -- school. Will resume here tomorrow.

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{"id":18006635,"title":"Newtown Elementary School Closed Over Threat","duration":"2:18","description":"Head O' Meadow students were turned away from school after officials received a threat.","url":"/US/video/newtown-elementary-school-closed-threat-18006635","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}