NH Home Explodes After Domestic Dispute

Authorities report the shooting and explosion were not likely accidental.
10:23 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for NH Home Explodes After Domestic Dispute
This is a special group. This time. Members of the ATF -- the fire marshals in the state police continued to -- what was once that residents. To say that is completely. Devastated is an understatement. New Hampshire assistant attorney general Jane young hair saying that the house that you just saw exploding in the town of -- one. Turned to -- and burnt to the ground after a shooting that left one police officer dead. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York a fire fight a fire and an explosion. Two people dead a home destroyed and a community shocked. There were two people in the home during that fire a father and a son 86 year old Walter Nolan and 47 year old Michael -- neighbors heard the two arguing before everything went down ABC's Josh Haskell is in Brentwood New Hampshire. And ABC's Aaron Rodgers is in New York they both join us now from war. Josh let's start with you do we have any idea yet on the cause of this fire and the explosion. We do not Michelle the first question that was asked the attorney general's office at the presser was and the idea what caused this explosion. That's what's on everyone's mind because of just how. Strong that video is -- really to damage that was done to the house but. -- this time we don't know we we asked them off camera afterwards they could give us anything else and you of someone. -- was leaning towards propane but they couldn't say anything definitive so. We don't have an answer on that or the fire we know that the fire started in the back of the house. There were also questions raised about vehicles but at the press conference the AG said that they did not have any type of motor vehicle license. The two -- that lived in the home so we're not even sure there. Was even a -- -- in the garage we we still don't know what. Started that fire or the explosion. And Aaron assistant attorney general Liang also explain what neighbors reported hearing before the shooting let's take a listen. The caller indicated that. They could hear the sun swearing at the father and the -- the argument was taking place in the house. There was also an indication -- that although the police had never been called before that this individual had heard arguing before. Aaron how does a domestic dispute turned into a shooting that killed a police officer are re learning more about the moments before this. Boy -- the key question -- -- it Michelle because authorities have not yet released -- thing. About a possible motive and and they said you know accidental. Is not likely here but that's all they've said about motive and cause. And -- you heard the authorities talk about the arguments that neighbors said they heard between. -- Walter and Michael -- in that home police had never been called there before but neighbors apparently had heard them arguing before. This one must have been so bad coming from inside the house that that one neighbor finally was compelled to dial 911. And the first responding officer was Steve -- -- a fifteen year veteran of the Brentwood police force. When he got there authorities said he immediately took fire. And his body was found by a fellow officer riddled with bullets it was apparent about the other responding officer that -- -- was dead. And finally his remains were found last night inside the charred remains of the house. Now it's believed that he did die of a gunshot wounds and not from the of the subsequent fire. The charred remains of Michael Nolan were found in also in that wreckage and and the autopsy on him is not yet complete. And Josh back to you there near the scene if it -- a timeline of how things also went down. With that other officer who tried to enter the home but was pushed back. Well it appears that they found Walter Nolan a sexual Walter Nolan out in front of the house that's what the officer Stephen. And they -- the 86 year old not exactly knowing his involvement but. Obviously gunshots were heard. And then the second officer arrived and had to. Basically retreat and it took some time until they could really take. Walter Nolan to a safe place they took him to the hospital where he was treated and released last night is now with family that the press conference. They said -- Walter Nolan the man who is who owns the home. They said that he's not a suspect at this time their primary suspect is Michael Nolan whose remains they believe. Were inside the home they have not positively identified him yet but. The AG said that there were enough. Remnants around his body that his family could say this was definitively Michael. So certainly in authorities will be interviewing the father. For this as well -- -- a police officer who was killed officer our cal what have we learned about him today. Will unedited and in his fifteen year service apparently he was a lacrosse coach couple a daughters a wife named Heather. There's going to be a vigil for him in the community now and you heard a selectmen. From town earlier talk about the public coming out that to remember him this is. A small community and in the seacoast of New Hampshire and it's one of those communities where. The officer. -- -- was unknown quantity he was kind of a link between the police department. And and the other town officials and and had been in the community a long time. So it's a painful loss and we heard from the police chief in Brentwood an older gentleman say that he wants to give everything now. To officer -- Cal's family -- -- daughters to his wife. This has to be a painful loss not only for them but for the entire town. And part of the reason that the attorney general's office is now taking charge that was the first indication we had. That officer -- -- did not make it because the attorney general's office would only intervene like that. If an officer was confirmed to be dead now it's a matter of this finding out what went wrong and whether proper protocol is followed and at the early outset. We heard the attorney general say it seems as if the police response was indeed by the book. It was just that officer Eric Cahill was overwhelmed -- bullets as he tried to enter that home. And Aaron what about the suspect Michael -- that police -- -- as a suspect. That was believed to have been killed in that fire what do we know about him was there any prior not a lot of interaction with police. And it doesn't seem like there was we're still digging into his background but today you heard from Josh is they're not clear even had a driver's license so -- is seemingly. Lived off agreed for a -- but will undoubtedly learn a little bit more about his background as we try to it to dig into it after they positively identify. Those remains as you mentioned Walter Nolan is -- father. Was. Treated and released from the hospital so they'll undoubtedly talk to him to see what the argument. Was about -- and whether there were any booby traps in the house what caused that fire. Is going to be key perhaps to understanding a little bit more about Michael -- did he have the house rigged. Was he expecting police to come was there some kind of an altercation that maybe he wanted. Two 222. Police respond to his house. And and part of it could just be because firefighters were kept -- -- which would have been a standard response from law enforcement if there's active gunfire there's no way they're gonna let. Firefighters anywhere near a burning home. That may be part of the reason why something exploded in flames did spread to a propane tank or something like that. That may be why you saw that giant explosion. And Aaron in addition to the attorney general's office leading this investigation now there's also federal agencies involved the bureau of alcohol. Tobacco and firearms give me an idea how they will -- in this investigation. Well did -- be the explosives experts if there are any there and and and they can help Trace along with the fire Marshal the state police whether what the accelerant was for the fire. And and whether there was -- -- some kind of -- whether there was a booby trap or whether there was some other kind of cause to that fire -- get there eventually. But the attorney general's office said that those investigators are going to be on scene it's believed at least until the end of the week so it may take a few days before they know. What actually caused the initial fire and and -- resulting explosion certainly a lot of debris for them to sift through Josh back in -- would give us an idea of what sort of community. This explosion this sort of altercation took place in. Wolf first I just -- -- say Michelle that a few seconds ago we saw a Brentwood police call our. Taken away on a tow truck in back of me obviously we don't know who that. Trooper who got caller belong to. Did you might think it belonged to officer our -- we don't know that at this time. But this whole community behind me is practically shut down we can't even -- -- -- home from here. As we -- oppressor it is completely gone along with another house but this is a community -- is described as. The red residents 55 years and older it is a very would -- No no fences. Homes next to each other but the people the residents have been really friendly and they told us that Walter Nolan was a relief from the guy on the other hand Michael -- They said they didn't see him that much the house is describes a duplex so Michael -- Allegedly lived in -- loft above the garage and then the other part of the house was occupied by his 86 year old father so. Still -- their relationship seems murky but it seemed like residents really liked. Walter and where were friendly here and he was an active member and in an active friendly neighbor. Michael on the other hand still unclear is is -- -- just sad but obviously very active this morning they were still smoke. Coming from the trees behind me even though we can't see the homes -- its definitely -- police will be here for a few days. ABC's Josh Haskell in Brentwood New Hampshire and ABC's -- -- -- in New York thank you both for joining us. You can keep up with this story and real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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