The Night Jose and Kitty Menendez Are Murdered: Part 5

Police say 12 shots were fired inside the family home and Lyle Menendez called 911 claiming his parents were dead.
7:38 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for The Night Jose and Kitty Menendez Are Murdered: Part 5
The week before they were murdered, I had lunch with kitty. She had never been happier. She said that she was getting along with Jose. So, she thought that everything was doing better. At that time, there'd be good days, there'd be bad days. And kitty had a sense of hope, I think, as would be natural. She didn't want this family to split apart and all the secrets of it, perhaps, to spill out. She didn't want to lose what she had, and I think you can hear in her the last strands of hope for this family. August 20th, 1989 was an unusually warm, balmy evening in Beverly hills. Most of the neighbors who lived near the Menendez mansion at 722 north elm drive had their windows open to let fresh air in. Beverly hills is a quiet town. Even the business district kind of folds up at 7:00. We average two murders a year, and really don't know what you're in for when you get a murder call. What's the problem? What's the problem? Someone killed my parents. Pardon me? Someone killed my parents. What? Who? Are they still there? Yes! The people who -- No, no, no. Were they shot? Yes. They were shot? Yes! What happened? I have a hysterical person on. What happened? Who is the person that was shot? My mom and my dad! Your mom and dad? My mom and my dad! Okay, hold on a second. Okay, we're on our way over there with an ambulance. 12 shots in the middle of Beverly hills on a Sunday night, and no one calls the police? We're waiting at the house, no one shows up, and I still can't believe it. I'm sitting on the stairs afterwards, thinking the police are going to be in seconds. They've got roving patrol. And people, many, many people did hear the shots. Many neighbors came in and said they heard all these shots. But nobody called because they just figured, this is Beverly hills, this doesn't happen in Beverly hills. So, you called the police, but at that point, you had already decided -- that you weren't going to say anything? We had decided that -- our feeling was not, we'll just explain what happened and it will be okay. We were very stunned and we felt that we would go to jail, obviously, and we -- it was a selfish reason to just not want to have to go through that. You know, by this intersection, I could actually see the police tape and the police cars in front of the Menendez house. Hello. This is the police department. Yes. Okay, I want you to come outside. Okay? Just come out the front door and -- I got to get my brother. You tell your brother everybody that's -- come outside. Okay. Okay. As we walked in the front door, the only thing I could really detect is the silence. It was just eerily quiet. It was so quiet inside. From the foyer was a staircase, and then, in the back of the foyer was this library family room, which is where the murder occurred. The television was on, so, it was just a Normal evening for them. Kitty was wearing white. She was covered in blood. Jose had a shot gun blast to the back of his head, blood everywhere. There was brain matter on the ceiling, on the windows. It was really horrendous. When Jose and kitty were found dead, the police didn't do what they normally do in a case like that. There are things that could have been done that night that would have proven that they were the killers. The murder weapons were in their cars. Nobody bothered to look. Both brothers had gunshot residue on their hands. At the time, we felt they were victims, and you're not going to press them, because they're parents just got blown away. A Beverly hills criminal is going to be treated differently than a south central Los Angeles criminal, because the police understand that the Beverly hills criminal is going to lawyer up, they're going to file complaints. Rich people view the police as being sort of lower than cleaning people, okay? And so, I think that influenced the way this case was prosecuted. The sons told police they left their parents at home to go to the movies. The pair said they came home from a movie and found their parents lying dead in pools of blood. We didn't have an alibi. All we did was say we were at the movies. But they never checked you for gunpowder? You did fool the police. That day, they didn't. I bet you they've changed their policy. When I first heard Joe and kitty had been murdered, I said, with tears in my eyes, this is awful. Most awful thing I've ever heard. But what if it had been the kids? I don't know why I said that, but I must have had some basic instinct in the back of my head that told me that might be the case. I was in St. Louis, in training for a new job, and I had my dog with me. I had my dalmatian puppy, and I was watching the news. Jose was shot five times, once to the head and four others to the body. And I just about squeezed the life out of my dog. I had nightmares. I had nightmares about it. I could see that house, and I could see them taking them out as I saw on TV, the bodies. It took me a while to figure it out, and what it was is that I remembered that I had the script about the boy that kills his parents to collect the insurance. And that was a very chilling realization to me. Tell me as clearly as you can why you murdered your parents. The first thing that comes to mind is terror. I was so afraid. I was running downstairs and I was crying, and my mother was on the couch and she had been drinking. And she said, "What's wrong with you?" And I said, "Nothing, nothing, you wouldn't understand" and she said, "Oh, I understand. What do you think I am, stupid?" And she told me that she knew. That she had known all my life what my father was doing. And Lyle said to my mother, "Are you going to let this happen?" And she said to him, "You ruined this family." A few days before, I had said to myself, I am never going to let my father touch me again. After I had told Lyle that it had been continuing on, I said to myself, "I'm never going to let him touch me again." And just before the shootings, my dad told me to get to my room, and that he would be there in a minute. He was going to come up, and there was going to be sex, and it was like an explosion in my mind "No."

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"Police say 12 shots were fired inside the family home and Lyle Menendez called 911 claiming his parents were dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44586923","title":"The Night Jose and Kitty Menendez Are Murdered: Part 5","url":"/US/video/night-jose-kitty-menendez-murdered-part-44586923"}