North Carolina election fraud hearing

Republican candidate Mark Harris set to testify in North Carolina election fraud probe.
2:11 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for North Carolina election fraud hearing
I'm neighbors on Capitol Hill where more than three months after the midterm elections hundreds of thousands of voters in North Carolina are still without representation here after the election was rocked. By allegations that votes were stolen. Today the board of elections we'll hear from the Republican candidate Mark Harris after his son delivered emotional and stunning testimony saying his father was warned. Oh yeah yeah. Ten. I certainly. My son testifying against his father bringing him to tears I think. It is basing this process. A lot more oh yeah. Ones and I'm here. Peace and world that we are doing for the now I'm the son of Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris outlining an illegal scheme to collect absentee ballots involving his father. Johnny Harris says his parents were lied to by a political operatives McRae Dallas who is now the center of an investigation into possible election fraud and refusing to testify and less he's granted immunity but the younger Harris who is now an assistant US attorney says he warned his father the Dallas was quote she eighty. And that it appeared he may have used illegal tactics to win votes while working for another candidate I just. Didn't believe pray for the numbers in. And I told him days collecting Dallas was down. I don't see him the Saatchi didn't shed any collecting ballots was found. But his father hired him anyway last month the candidate told Specter news he wasn't aware of any red flags at the time. Yeah ever heard one red flag. No not in that meeting and that meaning it was very good at all ever know except I mean they I would later learn. That obviously there had been things that in the past have been looked into but everything that have been looked into. Everything you come out just perfectly fine. Harris will testify today and you can expect him to be grilled about what he knew. And exactly when he knew it and at the end of this hearing the board of elections we'll have a decision to make they can either invalidate the results and decide to hold a whole new election. War they can decide to send Harris here to Washington primary Greece on Capitol Hill you're watching ABC news live.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Republican candidate Mark Harris set to testify in North Carolina election fraud probe. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61210941","title":"North Carolina election fraud hearing","url":"/US/video/north-carolina-voter-fraud-hearing-61210941"}