By the Numbers: What’s in the COVID relief bill?

A look at who will get aid in the $900 billion pandemic relief bill passed by Congress.
2:34 | 12/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for By the Numbers: What’s in the COVID relief bill?
Welcome back after months of the stalemate congress passes for the relief bill last night to bring billions in economic aid to Americans but tonight president trump is saying he won't sign the bill calling on congress to increase those stimulus checks to Americans to 2000 dollars per person. So what's inside the bill passed by congress. We take a look by the numbers the 900 billion dollar Covert relief bill was passed along one point four trillion to fund the government through next fall. The grand total of 2.3 trillion in spending making it the second largest spending package in US history. Though 600 dollar direct payments to most adults and their children means a family of four could soon see a check for 2400 dollars. The bill also provides 300 dollars per week of enhanced unemployment benefits through march for those still out of work. As well as 2.5 billion and rental assistance and thirteen billion an increase nutrition assistance. To tackle a virus there's 25 billion dollars for Kobe testing in contact tracing and billions to help states with vaccine distribution. And industries hit hard by the pandemic are getting another lifeline including 284. Billion dollars in paycheck protection program. 82 billion for colleges and schools. Fifteen billion for performance venues forced to shut down through the pandemic. And fifteen billion dollars for employees of the struggling airline industry the bill also includes some. Welcome measures for low income Americans including seven billion dollars to help increase broadband Internet access. But want provision is drawing some ridiculous tax deduction promoted by the president covering business lunches which some are calling a three martini lunch giveaway that won't help restaurant scene fueled in person business meals right now. And all this may be offended if president trump refuses to sign that bill stay tuned for more on that and we still have a lasting answer here tonight on prime. Married with a successful free at eight tonight her story has gone viral. After she counted how she felon Lama the man behind bars and some call one of the least polite people. Honor. The NBA is trying to expand their global reach tonight our look at the program basketball without borders and two players. Water star and the other prospect from the same country have got to meet for the first time. And the last coated free place on earth. Sadly now has told me but first a look at our. On top trending stories on

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"A look at who will get aid in the $900 billion pandemic relief bill passed by Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74873116","title":"By the Numbers: What’s in the COVID relief bill?","url":"/US/video/numbers-whats-covid-relief-bill-74873116"}