Nurse flees hospital with patients as wildfire closes in

As flames engulfed a California hospital, Nichole Jolly helped patients evacuate and seek safer grounds.
3:17 | 11/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nurse flees hospital with patients as wildfire closes in
Everybody. Started evacuating patients. Evacuated the whole hospital this morning minute. HZ plans and then we'll add that played the whole back hospital. To trees were on fire. And then just coming in I called my husband. I just that I I don't think I mean and they get out of this it's coming minutes of fast. I don't know Eddie van Gogh and my husband says. Running asks you don't die and get out of your car and run as. And I sent a campus had to make it CEO and the fire was blowing and so fast. I mean there isn't sparks and flames hit in the side of my car my car and started just fill up with smoke. And somebody came up behind me should the back of my car pushed me also read pushed on the gas giants. Forward you and I couldn't my car wouldn't go my car was clearly thinks it stayed there. Ennis either so it was slowed even alarm I got out of my car because I knew I was gonna die if I see it in my car. The flames right there next to me and I ran into my friend's car and hearing jeans and her and plastic on her track. Listen LT often I was banging on her window and I noticed dogs and door handle. I'll take skin cancer and her windows were completely changed black inside. And the flames are coming in even on any given horse of the time by that time my car was living on fire. Her charm was next to it was range bottom line. I couldn't stay so I left and I ran of them rode home on Pierson which is a really tall hill. I ran out this well I got into the next vehicle and it was time to mclarty's card. And my tobacco my hands were on fire and I burn a hole in her scenes. It's she was praying with me. NCs like helping green and make it right I said. I don't think cellular anime game we're trying to talk positive at each other their cars to develop was slowed. The flames started to come upon her vehicle on my husband told me Ryan is the last thing he said so I got out of her car and it was. Kitchen laugh you couldn't even see your hand down different view of I couldn't breathe the air was so I was burning my lungs. I thought I was gonna diary there because I went down and thinking that she can't breathe can't agree that there is no oxygen in the air. Three Strahan out of Miami and there was a fire engine. That I grabbed onto you out of nowhere this fire truck was right there. Ran around the side of me and them hate on this fire truck was blistering it was just the stickers were off this whole thing was on fire from banging on this. Died at the door and two firemen came around. Hand picked me up extinguishment pants could mean to another fire engine. And put a buyer blanket over me I was able to look out. And by the miracle of god this dozer came on and cleared a path for us we made it back to the hospital. And Ellis it was a reunite with doctor clarity inmates and Kane Davis she was back at the hospital.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"As flames engulfed a California hospital, Nichole Jolly helped patients evacuate and seek safer grounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59143476","title":"Nurse flees hospital with patients as wildfire closes in","url":"/US/video/nurse-flees-hospital-patients-wildfire-closes-59143476"}