NY Magazine reporter opens up about her private meeting with President Trump

New York Magazine Olivia Nuzzi breaks down her report from her private oval office meeting with President Trump
6:06 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for NY Magazine reporter opens up about her private meeting with President Trump
Are moving on now to another story that's creating a lot of headlines this one a private press conference in the Oval Office with president trump. Out of the ordinary for those of us who have covered the White House every once in awhile you get that audience with the president but I can't remember an instance that went like this one this is. We want to bring in now live via an Uzi who writes for the new New York magazine she is join us now by phone she is one of the I journalists who recently got an audience with president trump what she calls and her new. Our article with a near magazine a private press conference the president and that he had this was it was a meeting you had schedule with the president talk about the fate if chief of staff John Kelly. And it was struck me as she really quite defensive. Of Kelly and that you left there thinking he could be on the ropes now more than ever. Not by the meeting would not. Scheduled at all actually might the White House and earlier that day for a series of meetings and at the daily leaving I really called back in by the Press Secretary. There ought to be standard and told that the president wanted cheap meat we need to live did not plan. I certainly would is the people who having any kind the Prez in Q discuss the article that reporting about John Kelly. And I certainly didn't anticipate all they're having audience with vice president and Mike Mike Pompeo and to cheat death itself. And let's put up an excerpt from that we're seeing now on the screen for mere from your piece in the latest. Addition of course its online at New York magazine. And Olivia writes I knew and if we can go back to the first slide there she said. The president she said. Dumb luck was the phrase that one administration used to explain Kelly's. Aides endurance in the administration the president can only focus is anger frustrations for so long before he moves on to the next thing. You know let me go on to write that the president's. Acceptance of John Kelly an area as his chief of staff is sort of just by eight I did dynamic in the White House right now that he sort of stuck with John Kelly because as and then and he has as you say are an apt. Yeah I think that's and it seemed like a place they dynamic here we're seeing and and perhaps. Perhaps that there are worried that topic Q over the last. Your half. That is working Q did she credit maintaining a healthy relationship and deterring them altogether. There are always a lot of stories about. Dairy White House officials to may be on their way out maybe have a that the president and how to. But often times did story are not followed quickly by a firing her by her resignation. And I think part of the pregame. Sport that it beat the president even know his trademark raised here fire which. It's sort of conflict hurt he did not like you news. He did not inspire people beach Condo or for matter hurting and that they're reluctantly in Britain forced. And I think that at the lot if you buy. Right because there's no one else to fire the chief of staff except the press brains and like at big run that. Pulled literally into. Or staying you know it's apparent the president pulled. Tell John Kerry a lead gore or will try to fire him and he showed that super the next day you're mine near that site felt that the data storage. You're fired you joining up to the op. But yet the source an inquest and that that. The president doesn't know will call all conspired to keep it out because normally he would rely on the cheek after fire other people. But we're seeing here so was it your sense Olivia that he east he is still dissatisfied with John Kelly that if he had the gumption to fire him. That he would. It's difficult to say in the White House until bad things happen. It's difficult to predict. What happened even at Q has clearly gave birth going to inflate. She. In another administration perhaps. Would be thought enough to go it I don't beat that you can really tell by it happened and chill it in writing and even net. And if Italy change action though I think I opal Erin try to predict whether or not John Kelly is. Along this world are those like outside the firm. That the president had allegedly out into an ardent church each morning. And before we let you go on a that they are struck here and terror can win on this as well was just the number of characters from this administration all showing up. After Oval Office meeting this wasn't just you and the president in an impromptu but the secretary of state the vice president the Press Secretary. Nick Ayers and bottom an unbelievable cast of characters in there on ran into Tuesday what was it Tuesday afternoon. Yet it didn't keep asking it very strange that they created circuits bell I can't read that it felt like every union at the ticket with its content. Where the stars are coming out you like at applaud your act. UAL the doctor like intervention in Italy outfitted just. Like one person after the other coming in and expect inched incorporating them into our conversation and about how well things are going in how much it can't get along and loved each other. He's done this many times that reporters not quite and the same scale of what you went through in some manner and say you know kind of typical of the president catches wind of the story and and thinks that he's a job and that he will empire com in prior administrations the Bush Administration don't find out. They'll bring and then. Sit down with a journal as China can't talk for hours everywhere but they always do it off the record and that. Why is you know that the beauty of your story was getting. Showing people that the spectacle why not if this is name baker spectacle and bring in all those major planners now. All of Bolivia's reporting is in her latest article for New York magazine my private Oval Office press conference would Donald Trump my hands John Kelly. And Mike Pompeo it and say it's a good read later thank you so much for talent in here address on the briefing her.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"New York Magazine Olivia Nuzzi breaks down her report from her private oval office meeting with President Trump ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58444679","title":"NY Magazine reporter opens up about her private meeting with President Trump","url":"/US/video/ny-magazine-reporter-opens-private-meeting-president-trump-58444679"}