NYC Subway Train Derails in Queens

Emergency crews helped evacuate passengers from the express F train bound for Manhattan.
4:18 | 05/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYC Subway Train Derails in Queens
To -- street and Broadway Woodside queens where in Manhattan bound F train tumbled off the tracks at about 10:30 this morning. There were roughly 1000 people on board the train. And for that reason it's taken them now over ninety minutes to get everybody off the subway train. Into the tunnel and an out and onto the street the train derailed about forty feet beneath where we're standing out right now can. And so they're taking them off the train in groups of 2182185. Thirty at -- time you can imagine. How many people that must be but they've got to get out. On to the street. Now it happened around 1030. Passengers described feeling a jolt not a big -- but -- -- Some of them were were thrown from their seats but not many -- most of the people we spoke to said they were able to remain in their seats. But it was a a terrifying moment for many people. The lights flickered there was some smoke there was dust. And there was a fair amount of panic among the people who were on board the train so he's taken the last several minutes to speak to people's they've come up to the surface. And here is what they've told us over the last ninety minutes or something. Really literally just on the train like normal and then entertain his. Old -- and we saw smoke analysts. Yeah. Like a scene out of a movie. -- sitting down a -- just Walt those -- six smoltz. We hit their -- but there that is that it would -- -- -- -- 1015 minutes we'll just creative artist who didn't forget inheritance. Yeah. Again. It's just a quick and -- -- You know we didn't back a little bit and -- -- went off -- that person alive while that he's not smiled. That's got to freak -- -- get off this strain. To this guy we're gonna gonna -- -- seven with the F first live pictures like they have the first live pictures of the derailment when that happened a little earlier this morning journal journal has that. That's right in the scene here is that pretty consistent now for about the last 45 minutes if they've been evacuating this trading in -- happened around 10:30 this morning. Underneath the intersection basically -- sixtieth street. And Broadway in Woodside queens the fire department chose to evacuate the passengers. Through this emergency exit point that you see in the sidewalk that is. More or less -- trap door that is they are specifically for this purpose in case there's an emergency in the subway needs to be evacuated. Or if the fire department has to get down to this -- -- this is one of those emergency access points this is. About midway between the two near stations which are 65 street. And the Northern Boulevard station this was the -- -- for firefighters to get it. And for the passengers to get out this has been a long process. And -- mentioned earlier it's been about ninety minutes since the derailment. It took about forty minutes until the first passengers began to come up those stairs and a lot of that delay was due to the fact. That the fire department was simply waiting to ensure that the power on the tracks. Was off before they went down there there's a lot of communication back and forth between -- -- -- fire department. During an incident like this we understand that this four tracks down there they want to make sure the conditions were absolutely -- Before they took those passengers off the tracks he can still see them coming up. One by one up that ladder onto the sidewalk the vast majority almost everyone simply walks up to step. And -- walks on you can see those structures on the left side of the screen. That's -- triage point and that's where some of these passengers are receiving some medical attention here coming up. I haven't seen all of the medical patients that have received attention but. Everyone that I have seen. Has been receiving some sort of oxygen. It was dark and there might have been hot it was quite a long walk up that latter we've -- several patients I'd say between five and seven that I've seen personally received an oxygen. Have been taken to a nearby neighborhoods but. We've been mentioned all along this has been an orderly evacuation. The fire department has been on him -- -- -- -- and police workers assisting these folks getting through that tunnel. Getting up this emergency exit and now onto the sidewalk and we're live of Woodside queens John DelGiorno channel seven Eyewitness News all right John thank you.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Emergency crews helped evacuate passengers from the express F train bound for Manhattan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23566119","title":"NYC Subway Train Derails in Queens","url":"/US/video/nyc-subway-train-derails-queens-23566119"}