NYPD Twitter Campaign a Social Setback

The department's request for photos of officers in their communities resulted in pictures of arrests.
2:58 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for NYPD Twitter Campaign a Social Setback
It looked spread EMI PD an -- to promote good community relations with residency -- thought know what the perfect venue than on Twitter. This -- if photo with a cop in tag of my NYPD. -- the good idea but avoided it backfire Twitter exploding what pictures of police brutality. Nadia lots of nasty comments -- -- -- -- -- -- Shot -- you see it happening here at times where all the time people posing -- members of the NYPD taking pictures. The department sensing a marketing opportunity decides let's create a Twitter hash tag. And have people post those pictures on line. -- people posted pictures all right the result. One Twitter user described it this way a catastrophic. Public relations -- -- Maybe this wasn't the sort of community relations police brass had in mind when they ask people to -- up photo with a member of the NYPD. And tag it YNYPD. -- Bolton responded sure thing and posted this photo Dave all captured this picture at a yankees game last year. I'm pretty sure they got some that daylight in some that they didn't. I can imagine probably more that they did it. -- -- -- in the trying to do something. And email from deputy chief -- raw oysters says. Twitter provides an open forum for an -- -- exchange and this is an open dialogue good for our city. I think it could be good. Here are most definitely stunned the crowd really -- on their Atlantic good idea. Myself because the -- very important part of our communities. And we should what I think it's a -- -- should -- was pleased mayors. No doubt the NYPD is Twitter account shows plenty of pictures with people and police smiling and happy. But as the deputy chief acknowledged in her email the un censored exchange least -- Yeah there's plenty of opportunities. To post photos that are less than flattering. If you do had haters this is the kind of thing that is nature. It's not. Far fetched to think that when he NYPD largely campaign it better be shellac or better term workers you know and this one unfortunately wasn't it was very easy. -- hijack this kind of campaign because there are so many photos out there that the NYPD would rather not be out there. More tweets tonight -- listen saying this -- why NYPD hash tag went south real quick. -- Jackson someone's losing their job no one saw this coming. The marketing consultant -- heard him say he calls this brand hijacking says it happens on social media all the time turns out the hijackers. Have moved out west. Guess what's picking up steam tonight in California. Hash tag lie. LAPD. Live in Times Square I'm Joseph -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":23455815,"title":"NYPD Twitter Campaign a Social Setback","duration":"2:58","description":"The department's request for photos of officers in their communities resulted in pictures of arrests.","url":"/US/video/nypd-twitter-campaign-social-setback-23455815","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}