Obama on Sept. 11: We 'Stand With Those That Still Grieve'

The president honors emergency responders and loved ones lost in the 9/11 attacks.
6:57 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Obama on Sept. 11: We 'Stand With Those That Still Grieve'
Good morning. From scripture we learn -- of the miracle -- restoration. You -- it made me see many troubles and calamitous. Will revive me again. From the depths of the earth you'll bring me up again. You'll increase my greatness. And comfort me again. -- hey don't. General Dempsey. Members. Of our armed forces. And most of all the survivors who bear the wounds of that day and the families. Of those we lost it is -- -- to be with you here again. To remember the tragedy of twelve September's ago. To honor the great -- of all who responded. And the stand where those. Who still -- And to provide them some measure of comfort. Once more. Together we Paul's. And we pray and we give humble thanks. His family is and as a nation for the strength in the grace. That from the depths of our despair has brought us up again. Has revived us again. Has given us strength. To keep all. We pray for the memory of all those taken from us. Nearly 3000. In its assaults. Our hearts still -- For the futures snatched away. Who lives there might have been. The parents. Who would've known the joy. Of being grandparents. The fathers and mothers who have -- the pride of a child's graduation. The sons and daughters. Who would have grown may be married. -- been blessed with children of their own. Those beautiful boys and girls just beginning to find their way who today would've been teenagers and young men and women looking ahead. -- mark -- make on the world. -- -- -- -- -- slipped from our grasp but. It was written. What the heart has once owned and had it -- never -- Where your families lost. In the temple. In the here now is now eternal. The -- that you carry. In your hearts. The love. That will. Never -- Your loved ones everlasting place in America's heart. We pray for you. Their families who have no on the awful depths of loss. In the quiet moments we've spent together and from the stories that you shared I'm. Amazed at the will be summoning your lives to lift ourselves up and to carry on and to live and love and laugh again. Even more than -- -- of stone and water your lives of the greatest tribute to those that we lost. For their legacy shines on in -- When you smile just like him. When you. Toss her hair just like her. Way and -- Foster scholarships and service projects that bear the name and of of those we lost and make a better world. When you join the firehouse or you put on the uniform -- devote yourself to a cause greater than yourself. Just like baited. That's -- testimony to that. And in your resilience you've taught -- all. There's no trouble we cannot indoor and there's no calamity we cannot overcome. We pray for all those who step forward in those years of war. Diplomats who serve in dangerous posts as we saw this day last year in the Gaza. Intelligence professionals. Often unseen and unheralded who protect us in every way. Our men and women in uniform who defend this country that we -- Today we remember not only those who died -- that September day we paid solemn tribute. To more than 16100. Page -- given their full -- cents. Military and some -- We -- their legacy and the friendships they forged. The attacks they prevented the innocent lives they saved and in their comrades and Afghanistan were completing. The mission and who by the end of next year will. Have helped to end this war. -- the -- that we traveled together. These -- the wounds but continue to heal. And this is the faith. In god and each other that carries us through. That restores us. That we summon once more each time we come and a solid ground. The -- this building. Or in a Pennsylvania field. Or where the towers once stood. Here and such moments -- grace we are renewed. And it is here that we reaffirm the values and virtues that -- -- us. -- said the strike to face the threats that indoor. Different though there may be from twelve years ago so that as long as there are those who would strike our citizens we will stand vigilant and defend our nation. Let -- have the wisdom know that -- force is at times necessary. Force alone cannot build the world we -- so we recommit to the partnerships and progress. The build mutual respect and deep mistrust and allows more people live in dignity prosperity and freedom. Let's have the confidence in the values that make us Americans which we must never lose. The shining liberties that make us beacon -- the world. The rich diversity. That makes a strong. The unity and commitment. To one another that we sustain on this national day of service and remembers. Above all let's have the courage like. With survivors and families here today. To carry on no matter how dark the -- how difficult the -- You who have made me see. Many troubles and calamities. Will revive me again. From the depths of the -- you will bring me up again. You'll increase my greatness and -- comfort me. Again. -- god bless the memory of those that we lost. May comfort you and your families. And may god bless these United States of America.

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{"id":20224520,"title":"Obama on Sept. 11: We 'Stand With Those That Still Grieve'","duration":"6:57","description":"The president honors emergency responders and loved ones lost in the 9/11 attacks.","url":"/US/video/obama-sept-11-stand-grieve-20224520","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}