Officers involved in George Floyd arrest charged with federal civil rights abuses

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd joins ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos to help break down what new federal charges mean and why all four officers were charged.
5:49 | 05/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officers involved in George Floyd arrest charged with federal civil rights abuses
Criminal attorney and managing partner at the Cochran law firm Sean not Lloyd it Sean I think so much for being here with us tonight. First things first. Were you surprised at all when you learned that federal civil rights charges have been filed against not only Derek shielded but the other three officers as well. As a surprise because a DOJ has not been typically handing out these types of charges of recent in the last couple years says seeing this changes are a little bit of the departure. I'm not surprised and brought it and against the other officers. Because Indian warrior gear and they had the opportunity. To intervene and they didn't take that opportunity. If you noticed one of the charges was not against lane and specifically the intervention because it we call it video lane actually asked why he's at should we turn him over should we do something else so I think that's why we didn't see that particular charged however all of them. Did not try to render eighty and so all of them were charged went back same crime sandwich it's uses it to DOJ is trying to make a point here about the conduct of officers and their present and there is an unreasonable use of force. Or there's not medical aid Rangers sure particular individual. And that's exactly how so many people are taking it a point that the Justice Department is trying to make now let's focus on Derek she opened for a minute. The Department of Justice says that by putting his left knee on George Floyd's neck and his white B on his back and arm. He violated George Floyd's constitutional right to be freed from the use of on reasonable force. By a police officer shot are there any other cases similar to this one or is this case really stepping into new territory. It's definitely stepping into shorts or because this is specifically targeted at unreasonable use or you don't CTO JD do sent in from time to time but I think this chase was remarkably clear I think we have a clearer video a clear set us back that allows them can't manage and shoot. Go ahead and Schmidt these charges against he saw. I also think it allows them she actually have charges brought in a most meaningful way because it's a very clear example of the way officers should act and other officers who are. And as you know Derek show but is also being charged in a previous incidents from 2017 involving a teen. Where did Department of Justice says quote he how old's the teenager by the throat and struck the teenager. Multiple times in the head with a flashlights and disturbing details there. The state never prosecutors Schilling for that why do you think the federal government is stepping in now. Discharge I think has a lot NG with what you see them doing with this examination. Pattern in. If we have an officer has impugning motives were headed sibling and it is not an entrance iris Sherry are officer in his not and brought forward view he is not determining. That there may be some indicator of the pattern that allow this behavior should be continuing within the police department so I think this is just reinforcing what they are looking and she with the -- the pattern and practice. What was the use of force policy what was acceptable. Within this particular police department. Now let's go back to the charges right against the other officers for failing to intervene and provide that medical care. They yet to have their state trial so. Do you believe that these federal charges against that need to make it more difficult to find impartial jurors. It's actually gonna have an effect on jurors now as far as the actual charges and trials and the sentencing they're completely and we have to remember that the state and the federal government are allowed to bring separate and independent charges through the same. Said there was things in Cherie will run very end and however when you're looking to show on channel juror it be very well and people can be very well we're at these federal charges have been levied against these particular officers seen -- is seen this scene type of juror selection. Very similar in an arduous process goes through a lot of jurors and ensure that the are not an outlet these charges their decision because this is such a well known chase that most people are gonna hear about structural charge and they are going to be looking for jurors feel that out a check their ability she listened to the states. Right in as we sad this these federal charges are unprecedented in your opinion do you believe that. With these charges now in place the practices that are currently playing out at police departments across the country. Will that makes a move more toward change. I think it should absolutely encourage all police officers and police departments and torched changed because DOJ saying we are here where observing and were keeping an eye on what is half. Of very clear message and the fact that these levies charged about allowing the other officers not not interceding in this unreasonable use of force is a very clear message she individual law enforcement officers if you see something happening that is unreasonable step in. They are charging officers are being accountable for one another and I think it really important when you talk about the loop all right because typically at someone's doing something everyone looks the other way this changes direction and that tone which. I'm these police department should really training and bench resting officers and officers Starks look within themselves and she'll appear in power to say this is not acceptable and I will not actress. Sauna Loy for us tonight thank you so much for your time. Thank you have a great evening settling.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd joins ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos to help break down what new federal charges mean and why all four officers were charged.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77567735","title":"Officers involved in George Floyd arrest charged with federal civil rights abuses","url":"/US/video/officers-involved-george-floyd-arrest-charged-federal-civil-77567735"}