Officers mourn detective slain by friendly fire

Grieving officers of the New York Police Department gathered Wednesday at an emotional funeral for Detective Brian Simonsen.
2:25 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for Officers mourn detective slain by friendly fire
What do people called 911. Call 911 when someone is in the state of crisis there's something going on at the not equipped to handle themselves. Requires a very specific type of person to respond to that call. Some alike NYPD detective. Ranks Yvenson. It takes a cop like Bryan who believed in being part of something larger than himself. Without the police they would be anarchy. Because police officers confront the evil that exists that life is so much better for the people in New York City. Cops like Brian are decision makers. Some decisions are small some are more significant. Summer life and that. But every situation. Cops must react. It cannot hesitate because in each moment so much is at stake. It's a tremendous weight to bear. Known at your choices directly affect. The lives of others the cops like Bryant don't shy away from it. The very foundation of who they aren't what they do plan was the one you're great to see arrive on the scene he was the one you wanted beside you when decisions that it most. So last Tuesday night. Bryant and his partner Sargent Matt Foreman read the familiar call for help. May answered it. They made that decision to move toward the dangers. That face it had not. He did so because people needed than it did so because they make tough decisions others are unwilling or unable to do. He did so because there NYPD cops. The NYPD cop it's what Bryant dedicated his life to the men and women at 102. And all members of the NYPD. Bravely throughout every day. With the sole mission of fighting crime. And keeping people safe. It does take carriage. Thank you few dedication. Please don't ever forget why you chose to become police officers. Always remember who you are what you do. And why do it. Continue to be prouder. Never forget that Bryant may have to protect all New Yorkers and its legacy for Texas still. This morning. That legacy stands. As I promote Bryant Simons and detective first grade.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Grieving officers of the New York Police Department gathered Wednesday at an emotional funeral for Detective Brian Simonsen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61190208","title":"Officers mourn detective slain by friendly fire","url":"/US/video/officers-mourn-detective-slain-friendly-fire-61190208"}