Ohio family found dead, carbon monoxide poisoning suspected

Richard and Jennifer Reitter, their two children and three dogs were found dead in their Ohio home Thursday.
5:54 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for Ohio family found dead, carbon monoxide poisoning suspected
Yesterday may second and about 1:19 PM. Our officers were dispatched to residents at 6931. Lou senator wrote on 911 call from a family. The information in the 911 call indicated that they had been unable to contact the family in the house for several days. And members of the family have been complaining of illness. When our officers arrived they met with the caller and verify the information. They also observed several cars in the driveway. In a public and around the house they found everything secure. But through a rear window they observed and unresponsive. Person in the house. They immediately forced entry but upon entering take encountered a suspicious older an accident the house. At that point the Genoa township fire department entered the house in protective here. And discovered a man woman and two children deceased along along with three dogs that were also deceased. They detected extremely high levels of carbon monoxide in the house in Ireland deputy chief ponds and speak to that shortly in more detail. We are now conducting a death investigation to determine what happens. We are awaiting a quarters ruling on the exact cause of death and conducting interviews and examining the evidence. As part of that we are looking at any implied chances in the house that could be a source of carbon monoxide or anything else that could be potentially lose sources of carbon monoxide. We are being assisted in this investigation by the Genoa township fire department. In the Delaware county sheriff's office. We will continue to do a thorough investigation. And update you when we have more information to released. On once our personnel arrived on the scene. They suspected done some sort of a carbon monoxide incident by information they're receiving while they were responding. Our personnel. Dressed in their self contained breathing apparatus to protect themselves. And with a multi gas meter and through the structure. And as they entered the front door of the structure they immediately encountered. Forty parts per million carbon monoxide. In the air and once upon entering the structure the multi gas meter went to 1000 parts per million. On the meter. That is the maximum reading that meter house. Com on it so that was the highest reading and we got on initial entry into the home. To reiterate what chief gamble said as a made their way through the residence they confirm that we had. Two adults to drone that was deceased. Our personnel to an accident the structure. Reenter the structure was another four gas meter. Wherever that meter than that'll Armas that we had reason that we're in excess of 12100 parts per million of carbon monoxide. At that time we begin to. That only structure. And we were working in conjunction with the police department. That is obviously it was unsafe for any personals and of that. Structure without protective equipment. We continue to workers cleared the carbon monoxide from the residents. And following up to Carmen oxide levels low enough. Now we'll allow the actions of police personnel to begin an investigation. It's about all it really happen this time. Work we did not thank you we did not find any carbon monoxide detectors. Within the residents. News. If we typically are all season pretty nationally nationally accepted standards are anything above thirty parts per million. We would recommend that you not reenter whom we're good to be called your residence it's checked for carbon monoxide. And our policy stated anything above thirty parts per million are personnel must be a protective. Equipment to protect themselves while being in that entire. Car monoxide poisoning symptoms actually. Men that the symptoms of the flu. Headaches. Nausea vomiting. Blurred vision as their. Exposure continues. So yes there they do men want another and that's why we stress. The importance of having carbon monoxide detectors in her room 'cause as we said that is odorless. Colorless tasteless gas. You will not notice it is present in your home without the aid made carbon monoxide detector. As the numbers increase. The amount of time you can be exposed to carbon monoxide. Becomes less. So basically. You could have fifty parts per million in side of your house and these numbers are for CDC. And OSHA. Know of adverse expect adverse effects with eight hours of exposure. You get up to 200 parts familiar to parts per million are gonna have a mild headache after two to three hours of exposure. 400 parts per million headache and nausea after 12 hours of exposure. 800 parts per million headache nausea and dizziness after 45 minutes. So there's there's were when your great jumps is from the for hundreds of the 800 parts. So basically you're looking at a time weighted average. How what percentage what part familiar and being exposed to for what period of time as the part per million increases. Your time exposure decreases dramatically. Once we get up to 1000 parts per million its loss of consciousness after one hour spoke.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Richard and Jennifer Reitter, their two children and three dogs were found dead in their Ohio home Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62804381","title":"Ohio family found dead, carbon monoxide poisoning suspected","url":"/US/video/ohio-family-found-dead-carbon-monoxide-poisoning-suspected-62804381"}