Ohio race too close to call, California wildfire rages on

The special election in Ohio's 12th district is still too close to call, California's record-setting wildfire continues to burn and some beaches are closing after great white shark attacks.
19:21 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for Ohio race too close to call, California wildfire rages on
Welcome to ABC news live I'm Diane Macedo big day in politics today we have primary results in. In several states as well as a special election up for grabs in Ohio. We are tracking the latest for you were also watching these fires out west thousands more evacuations are underway this morning and now schools are also being affected. We have the latest on that as well of first hear your top headlines. New York congressman Chris Collins faces insider trading charges. It involves an Australian company where Colin served on the border directors. This desperate search continues for missing Iowa's student Molly tidbits. New video shows the twenty year old just one day before her disappearance on July 18. The reward for information leading to return is now at 300000. Dollars. Sunday at his scandal involving sex is. All allegations against a former campus doctor USC president CL Max Nickie essays step down he said in May that he would resign but then came under fire for not leaving. A member of the USC board of trustees will leave the university on an interim basis. Such from the administration's moving forward with new terrorists on another sixteen billion dollars worth of Chinese imports. Nine words on Twitter or enough to rock investors world. And considering taking Tesla private at 420 dollars funding secured. Now analysts are trying to determine whether Elon Musk was serious about the future of his electric car company and whether he does in fact have that funding available to him. Us actress Angelina Jolie is now accusing ex husband Brad Pitt and not paying enough child support in any court filing. Police in Florida had some unexpected help while making an arrest. Watch as a herd of trying stopping Cal's corral are fleeing suspect bailed out of the car and ran through pastor. The hurt eventually cornered the woman at a fence where police were able to take her into custody death. We're gonna start things up this morning with those primary results coming in from several states as well is that special election. In Ohio that race is too close to call that the president is claiming victory this morning David Wright. Is in bed mr. New Jersey where the president is on vacation and David what's the latest on all these races. I Diana that big race of the night was that special election in Columbus, Ohio for a congressional seat as you say president trump. Claiming victory there. Republican sway boulders and does have a narrow lead but it's. Narrow enough that we may not know for a couple of days or even weeks. Who might be ending up going to fill that seat in congress the fact that that's that this district is even close though. Is a sign of alarm for the Republicans this is a district that has only gone democratic. Once since the 1940s. So the fact that if the Democrats if the demographics. And the election results and have. Hold true in other trump strongholds it could mean very bad news for the Republicans come November. And David I know there are certain races that are sort of see. You know looked at anyway as big indicators for the fall one who was in Kansas had had an aptly. Well in Kansas you had the incumbent governor Jeff collier facing a challenge from Chris -- bock. President trump endorsed co bock a hardline Republican over the objections of some key Republicans strategists. If that race also too close to call if call Bob wins it would be a vindication for president trump. But it could also opened the door for the Democrats in the fall in this read a list of red states the Democrats on their side nominated a woman. Maura Kelly. For the governor's race and she's one of a growing number of women I think eleven in total. Who are getting the nods for gubernatorial positions in the fall this could be the year of the woman. And looks at progressive ticket well and that's again why is that so important. In Michigan and Missouri the democratic. Bernie Sanders wing of the party has been trying to mount a slate of candidates across the country. And both of them are in Michigan and Missouri failed. Against more conventional democratic candidates this is a setback for them. But. It could be good news for the Democrats who hope. That their candidates will be able to win over moderates and Republicans. And then David are we hearing more about the president's plans with this potential interview with the special counsel. We are indeed we're hearing from Rudy Giuliani that the president's team. Will have an answer for Bob Mueller later today and in terms of their position on what the president's willing to agree to in terms of an interview whether it's written questions or a sit down interview what subjects they might agree to be covered. But this won't be the last word. Bob Muller's team will no doubt have some thoughts of their own on what's appropriate and in the end Muller's team also has the possibilities he has. It was kind of middle ground they come to that's David Wright for us and that is New Jersey thanks David. And now we're gonna go over to that dramatic day in that trial of president trumps former campaign chair Paul Mann of port is another explosive they testimony only this time. For the defense as Paul Mann reports ex deputy was pummeled under cross examination captain falters is in Alexandria Virginia forest following the whole thing. Kevin is quite a contrast from Monday Tuesday so what are we expecting that. Yes fans we just got word. From our reporter Trish turner who's been sitting in that courtroom for hours every day that Rick gates has wrapped tees off the witness stand up this comes after three days. Of explosive. Testimony the defense cross examined him. For about in a little under an hour this morning and he's been questioned by prosecutors for about five hours total. Over the course of of his time here and he's he'd kill a man affords alleged schemes to hide millions of dollars to avoid taxes. And gates also went into his time on president frogs 2016. Campaign. Asked from him after trump. Was elected president the example the prosecution. Gave yesterday in the court was an email that me and a fort. Sent to gates trying to secure an administration job for someone named Steve call now called is the former CEO of a bank where me and fort allegedly secured. Fraudulent lands in the defense they have payment gates as a liar and an bestseller. And they think frankly he's a flawed witness. So now that gates is done testifying what's next for this case. So gay navigates is done the prosecution. Could call other witnesses I just got word that are calling. FBI forensic accountant maps word I'm from just. Inside the courts and that's really all we know now in terms of who they will cough in terms of when this will wrap up. We expected it to move quickly it isn't giving rather quickly in the prosecution is expected to rest their case by the end of the week. Let's assume that they're heading toward some sort of a conclusion here. Are you getting any sense from either side on how they think the case is going. Eight estimate reports attorneys his lead attorney day Kevin downing was walking out of the hotel across street I asked them. How it was feeling this morning he says they're feeling gut look they've view. Gates as a flawed witness they view him as somebody who embezzled who lied to the east saying had a separate secret life with with a mistress in London something. Gates admitted to they say he funded. That life years ago threw money that he stole from manner for a Diane but they also say look he's somebody who has pled guilty to conspiracy to lying to federal investigators and now he's cooperating for a more lenient sentence a line of questioning and that courtroom yesterday Diane. The defense said after all the life after all the lies you've told what do you expect this jury to believe you he said I do. One of the attorneys said last week well Rick gates is willing to say anything to save himself. We'll find out soon enough that the jury doesn't believe in cap and fall to stores and on Sandra Virginia thinks that. An hour gonna go over to California where at least eighteen wildfires are still burning there are thousands more homes there are under evacuation announced schools and schools and me are being forced to postpone. That first day of school will cars in Japan cocaine forest following at all. Will it's just devastating looking at these images. Good morning Diane there are more than 141000. Firefighters on the front lines across California are right now with so many fires raging. Resources are really stretched then there are seventy large uncontained while buyers. Across the Golden State this morning gates scorched more than 600000. Acres. Destroyed more than 2000 homes and structures the ministerial complex fire now nearly the size of Los Angeles. 450. Square miles burning for its twelfth day. The fires scorching to rain turning it into health skate it is now the largest fire ever in California's history. The holy fire here in Southern California morning for its third day at 5% contained and threatening communities nearby receiving ample poems that burned. Take a look at some of that damage south really it is and it's answers you're walking along you can eat this though and on the wall of this house charged and then you concede. Check this out. Mrs. peace of the room now just rubble we've seen this sort be in this now resting on the skeleton of a tractor and of course this. Gas line that is still burning it walker ever hear you in the this home dotted that buyer plates in the distance everything else really hard to make allies. Video of this fire NATO churning through the Nile side overnight. Fires have turned fatal at least nine people killed a California this year and it seems like we say it is week. After week but this still young buyers season and last year one of the worst buyers didn't break out to him. Now well hard to believe we're just at the beginning of that fire season and fortunately those fires are not getting any help from the weather some parts of the country will be seeing triple. Digits on the thermostats at age and disease is here now with our full forecast ginger. Diane thank you let's start with. The fire world from the holy fire that's in Southern California and this happens when you got intense heat from the fire. Lifting up very quickly and other cooler relatively cooler air fills in behind you get rotation just one of the dangers of these. Wildfires so many of them and yet the largest in the recent history earning and that Mendocino complex fire that's an area where is he red flag warnings today. Not just because bouts of humidity as low as 5% the because wind gusts are gonna go up to 35 miles per hour at the heat is extreme. And it got extreme heat from Portland assailant up to Seattle who will see likely there in 1990 plus degree today that is more than. Three times their annual average and we're gonna stick with it tomorrow they could do another one that's only happened twice. Two other times in their history in Seattle don't have air conditioning. So looking at the East Coast we do have one more day of this muggy hot. Hot weather before the cold front comes through. From South Carolina up to Massachusetts we have heat advisories it's really the level of moisture in the air that's gonna meet this dangerous especially exposed for prolonged periods of time outside. And that come through and eventually storms which we'll talk about it moment but these storms several of them across the Pacific moving west and look at hurricane Hector that's one so many folks have been tweeting me in asking on FaceBook. We're going alliance this big deal if you're going to the big island today or tonight yes it's a big deal because you'll see high high surf up to eighteen feet. Some rain showers that could bring anywhere from. A couple of inches of rain falling very quickly with some of those outer bands is ending we're going to be watching now. We talked about storms this happened Tuesday 93 people actually struck by lightning queens those images are really stunning to see when people capture that. But just a reminder that any time you have a thunderstorm it doesn't have to be severe for there to be lightning. And lightning kills so just keep that in mind as a cold front approaches anger from Nashville really through Boston today we have the possibility of those showers and thunderstorms. Right engine thanks so they got to be on the lookout for fires be on the look out for lightning be on the look out for rough surf. And now we also have to be on the lookout for sharks shark week is over but apparently the East Coast did not get the memo. A young girl in North Carolina is recovering from an attack this morning in a researcher on Cape Cod. At a fairly scary and close encounter with the great white as well Victor canto is in Miami monitoring all the encounters force and Victor feels like. We're hearing about this more and more often is this happening more frequently. Well Diane there definitely has been an uptick in shark attacks over the last ten years. And we should mention that the summer is the busiest season for shark attack to just take a look at the reason why. It's 11 AM in Miami Beach is already packed this morning so with more people coming out to the beach the more likely you'll encounter. A shark now there is another factor at play here. In speaking with the scientist. From Florida Atlantic University he explained that with the Earth's rising temperatures the ocean temperatures are rising as well. They wit that sharks are migrating further north sort of seeing attacks in places where we seldom saw them before. The most recent shark attacks you mention that girl in North Carolina she was standing out in shallow water. What a short bitter in the leg thankfully her father is it would get to work quickly and carrier out of the water she was bleeding but she will be okay. And those few incidents those close calls in Massachusetts you at a beach in Cape Cod surfers cleared right out when a shark swim right through a group. Well going after a steal. And in that researchers he was actually trying to. Tag one of those sharks. And it came right out of the water with its mouth opens which he said. Some very close calls right there one more thing to watch out for a for everyone in the north where the waters definitely murkier that we have here in Florida. It's harder to spot those sharks an actor creates a potentially dangerous situations. Diane so big are there any sign of it. Coming down how. I wish I could say yes but the reality of it right now is that as the Earth's temperatures continue to rise these sharks couldn't keep migrating north finding higher and higher latitudes so. That's kind of the case as I mentioned earlier. Summer is the busiest season finished because that's what ever what hits the beaches so perhaps you know those numbers will scale back down. Once fall and winter rolls around but that's Linda the only scenario right now. It meant eulogize and Sunday they're heading up the bullets had. Victor candor in Miami for as Stacy affected thank you. An ounce of that manhunt underway in New Jersey after two officers were ambushed just sitting. In their cars police are now searching for that suspect in Lindsey Davis is in Camden, New Jersey. Keeping an eye on all this forest Lindy I know it's very early in the investigation but what do we know so far. Diane good afternoon you know there's active manhunt going on for the shooter as you can imagine police percent of the tip line they're asking for. People may have heard anything seen anything last night. To please didn't get in the car you can see there's a bit about media present set up right here on this corner and it's just in the same direction about a half mile away. That the shooting actually took place around 830 last night police say. Then a man approached the car it was an unmarked car with a two officers sitting just waiting at a red light when the man opened fire police as saying Eddie got off as many. As 25 rounds and then fled the scene now fortunately the police officers sustained. Non life threatening injuries the mail the tech it was shot twice in the arm. The female detective was shot once in the head and they were taken here to Cooper hospital you can there's been a bit of a police presence in it's police are still. Outside right there. Now this actually happened on national night out ironically which is at night that's intended to bring the community together. With the police Diane. It's a sad irony there Lindsey it is there any inclination. Of a motive do police think that it was purposely done on this thing. So it's still unclear what we do know is that these shootings that target police it's at a four year rise many say that it's in response to communities being. Frustrated after this recent string of black men and teens being shot and killed by police but at the same time. These officers were undercover they were in an unmarked car so it's not clear exactly. If they were being targeted. And shot. Because they were police officers and gusting winds Garrett will be important thing of course is that something they're going to be okay. Which is huge in all of this but of course what do you people hoping that they find that suspect that the Lindsey Davis forcing endangered and bank Wednesday. And. I don't regret and things up on a much lighter note over an Alabama where the groom with a plunge to say I do it moments later very different lives. To save a swimmer in trouble here's the story. Cindy and Jack Edward's wedding day turned into a relic adventure when during a beach side photo shoot the Coast Guard was called into action. Lady cannot lessen Nate. He hit. Hard. Eighteen year old Janelle Robinson was stranded out in the water with nothing but his boogie board on. His back affecting friend. She said don't Wear much offense just go so he goes in your life. In good weather and drove. Says act it's his formal Wear and dove in. With his bride waiting in the surf down an all. It BS so pretty hard bitten and so I got up and she's lying on her wedding dress I'm bleeding from the nose and child until her get away because I know how important address was found that went west. But it was all worth it as act such amounts safely ashore immigrant kids are gonna store it there. It was perfect and beautiful weather here and having home and this morning Janelle and his mom have a special message for Zack. In Q4 choking me. Saved my life. I really appreciate it. I just want to thank goodness is that we're just taking the initiative to go out dance I really really appreciate him. Pointing out there were wet red flag warnings on the beach that day suggests another reminder how important it is to heed those warnings but to Mel this morning is doing just fine he even made it. To his first day of school. As a high school team. And that does it for us an ABC news alive but you can check out the latest headlines in videos all day long at abcnews.com. Are at your ABC news app. I'm Diane Macedo for ABC news live have a great day everyone.

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{"duration":"19:21","description":"The special election in Ohio's 12th district is still too close to call, California's record-setting wildfire continues to burn and some beaches are closing after great white shark attacks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57110500","title":"Ohio race too close to call, California wildfire rages on","url":"/US/video/ohio-race-close-call-california-wildfire-rages-57110500"}