OJ Simpson joins Twitter 25 years after infamous Bronco chase

ABC News' Jim Avila looks back on covering the chase and subsequent trial.
3:17 | 06/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for OJ Simpson joins Twitter 25 years after infamous Bronco chase
A guy so let's talk about who just signed up for Twitter over the weekend much OJ Simpson 628000. Followers. With a bio that says if you don't see it here. I didn't say it's a let's take a listen to his first video message. Straight toward a world as usual is truly coming soon to Twitter you'll get this read all my thoughts and opinions on just about everything. Now there's a lot of difficulty accounts out there sold desolate. At the real OJ 32 was the only Christian one so this to be a lot of fluent certainly do need to do to god bless Dick. Her eyes and this Monday happens to be to wait five years to the day of OJ's infamous. Bronco chase I want to bring in Jim avalanche who is live in Los Angeles. Jan thanks for being with asthma before we talk about the bronco j.'s I wanna get your thoughts on. OJ joining Twitter. Well you remember that that I MF bronco chase or 95 million people tuned in so. There are a lot of people are interested in OJ Simpson and use captured already 600 and some thousand people. As I said on and on his Twitter feed that that's probably. More people following him today than follow them and during the bronco chase. It'll be interest in to see if he ever tweets. As well about I'm waiting to see. If he tweets about how the search for the real killers is going that he promised he would be doing after he was acquitted. Yes pretty interesting and let's talk about the chase because that was like you said 95 million people watching on televisions on a very big moment. You were covering it at the time what moment sticks with you. But the time of this chase just before and I was at the police headquarters here was than called the park for senator. In downtown Los Angeles. And that's fact the picture of media Alan Parker Center that day. And what was happening was is that the police department then announced. That OJ Simpson had reneged on an. I'm an agreement to turn himself in and they announced much of the shock of everybody in that room that OJ Simpson was a fugitive from justice and that he would. Missed three appointments including his arraignment to show up that day and the next thing we knew the next we heard was. Was that he was in fact in the back of that bronco you're seeing there and he was on a cell phone is so friend Macy Coleman was. Was driving. And he was supposedly. On the way down to. Two lead go to work at the grave of a Nicole Brown Simpson is what he kept telling police however he was also southbound on the for a fly which leads the Mexico. So nobody was ever sure. Didn't exactly where he was going to go and he was threatening suicide. He was apologizing. Four. His relationship with the coal. He just did everything but confess to the murder. At during that during that ride and then finally gave himself up. At the home in Brentwood. We wouldn't. Yen so now that it's 25 years later. You know. Some people aren't old enough you know some of the generations aren't old enough to remember it but I think it's one of those moments where everyone can remember. Where they were when it was happening so. Jan thank you so much for joining us pretty iconic to see that footage again.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"ABC News' Jim Avila looks back on covering the chase and subsequent trial. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63765234","title":"OJ Simpson joins Twitter 25 years after infamous Bronco chase","url":"/US/video/oj-simpson-joins-twitter-25-years-infamous-bronco-63765234"}