Oklahoma Teen Sentenced to Church for Manslaughter

Tyler Alred will attend church for 10 years after drunken driving led to a passenger's death.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Oklahoma Teen Sentenced to Church for Manslaughter
As Tina professor has been teaching for almost forty years now and says he's never heard of anything like that at seventeen year old being sentenced to ten years of going to church. Tyler Allred was given a chance to stay at the jail for the next ten years but with -- -- -- some questions about requiring someone to go to church. Each war and it. It speaks to may be forcing people can do religious activities otherwise wouldn't do of their own free will. So that puts pressure on them to do something they otherwise wouldn't do -- on don't know. Why -- church would more than have somebody come through under the force of government compulsion. -- was driving near hopewell park in Muskogee last December he had been drinking before getting behind the wheel. He crashed and that's when a passenger was ejected from the car and died. Allison says that -- this type of -- and others are bound to try to make the same deal. Somebody would get -- -- -- come from -- concerned you know send me -- -- and go to church all the time forever how long you want me to. Along with going to church Allred will also have to graduate high school and welding school. Taking drug and alcohol tests per year where -- drug and alcohol bracelet -- take part in impact panels. Allison says he doesn't think the juvenile should be put in the adult system all the time but something has to be done. -- -- -- My father was killed and -- carver who. I am appreciate you -- the law trying to send a message don't you don't -- arm or your impaired. The only reason Allison has seen church come up in a deal has been for parole. I do you know there -- from prisoners who student. Seek to bring them for -- the parole Parole Board is that they made some comments here conversion of the person from your drilling holes C -- this Channel 8.

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{"id":17738747,"title":"Oklahoma Teen Sentenced to Church for Manslaughter","duration":"3:00","description":"Tyler Alred will attend church for 10 years after drunken driving led to a passenger's death.","url":"/US/video/oklahoma-teen-sentenced-church-manslaughter-17738747","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}