Olivia Munn speaks out about increase in attacks on Asian Americans

The actress joined a growing movement after her friend’s mother was attacked.
2:58 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olivia Munn speaks out about increase in attacks on Asian Americans
Actress Olivia mine as part of a growing chorus of Asian Americans and Hollywood. Who refuse to sit by silently lending her star status to help stop the case but like so many from London's. This became personal someone she knew the target of an attack and is she recently told me she had to step up and help. I know that even before in your friend's mom was attacked. Even before that horrible incidents non U shared a message on is a Graham riding then over the past few days I've found myself and a loss for words and the rise and stationing crimes. The racist verbal and physical assaults and left my community fearful of stepping outside and. What you think you when you posted about what was the message. We even hearing about these attacks for a long time and it's especially during the last year away and be pandemic was weaponized against Asian Americans and Asians across the world and to. Actually seeing the but it seeing these elderly Asians just being attacked I really was. Paralyzed I didn't really know what. Two being what you say and it's been really difficult is it feel like. Our people are not being seen. So take me to that moment when you saw the surveillance video of your friend's mom being attacked so what went through your mind. I was in shock I mean she is good very tiny woman and she is. Hurled through the air exit point where her body as horizontal her legs are whale and her. And then I know that she was knocked unconscious and I think about my own mother brandy about my hands. Red of people in my Camry and how we could have happened to any of the world tell how the younger generation is responding to that sort of cultural. Need to sort of staying ally and arms are younger Asian Americans being hormone. Holmes yeah we're getting a lot more Momo than our parents and grandparents my grandmother and her children and ending the war and Vietnam and it is getting English and they all came here for a better life and really wanted to TU. Be a part of the fabric of our country and act two and land a big part of that list to just keep your head down and accept being a second class citizen in your own country. Our generation. We are raised choose to sneak up for people who bullied or how to try out when there's an injustice and it's when you look at our parents or grandparents they paved the roads for us now it's our turn to take about six those roads and locked them down those problems ailing look you knew you belong here in America. And say yeah. Now Olivia told us that Sam's mom is on the mend and at first she didn't even want to report a crime but now after the suspect was arrested she's feeling like. Her pain matters all of the also talked about being biracial that when she says she looks in the mirror she sees an Asian American woman and that's why no matter how scary or exhausting she's gonna continue to speak gaps.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The actress joined a growing movement after her friend’s mother was attacked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76263576","title":"Olivia Munn speaks out about increase in attacks on Asian Americans","url":"/US/video/olivia-munn-speaks-increase-attacks-asian-americans-76263576"}