Oregon counties join movement to become part of Idaho

ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports from rural Oregon on the counties that want to leave their heavily liberal state for the more like-minded Idaho.
5:28 | 06/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon counties join movement to become part of Idaho
To the growing divide between rural and urban America exciting effort in world organ is well under way each. To literally leave the state and become part of Idaho. For more organ county seat of the urban centers and not represent the state that they want to be a part of marking a -- works reports. Divisions in America continue to wide. Fueled by the pandemic in a divisive election season but perhaps. None more than the dissolution between urban and rural and no place is experiencing. Urgency equate. With Horry. Political unrest has been growing in the state for decades the feelings have been there for almost a hundred years. Of these 36 candies in organ 26 voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election president Joseph Biden winning just ten. But that included do you liberal city center of Portland. Biden ultimately won the state by sixteen points. That similar scenario has played out for over forty years some residents in rural areas saying they feel overlooked. For twenty years we've tried to collect. A better balance into the state legislation. The last time a Republican won. Was Reagan last November. Last month. Five more counties followed suit. Put together these seven rural counties are larger than Massachusetts Connecticut New Jersey Rhode Island and Delaware combined. It's got a life of its own right. I can watch it I can feel takeoff. This would be Horry. Michael Carter president of citizens for greater Idaho believes re drawing the state line can become a reality and he thinks it's time all. It's great right now the momentum is incredible. Members of the movement's aid their needs concerns contributions and way of life we are being ignored. By Steve leaders you've got to realize that 70%. Of organs population is in limit. I'm 21% believe there's trying to solve their problem share but they don't realize what it does to rural Oregon. Under this proposed plan on this bridge in central organ I could stand with one foot in Idaho and one foot in Horrigan. They would use this part of the disputes river that has long been a symbolic dividing line. As the actual border. And Idaho would gain and not lands to make it the third largest state in the country. Over the next few months 6 eastern and southern Oregon counties have meeting set to discuss joining Idaho. Idaho Falls state representative Barbara. Why not how commerce Asian when you're. People who. Need Allen who appreciate those things procedure leads me. Or her right. You and people are lit and amp. Cameras on board though clay Berenson a Medford Oregon city councilman is against the planned despite a majority of his constituents. Supporting a proposal. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. I think it's it's it's another by product of our failing Tea Party system. I think that you know people have become so polarized that they had they can't even accept anything if it comes from the other side of the island. And you know rather than trying to find compromise and and bipartisan ship they would just rather. Leave the state go hang out with the state is more friendly to their their ideals. This is river starts in the cascades and has close for 252. Miles where it needs the Columbia. Here in Ben Noory and this form would remain in or again. What do you have defeated -- ball that feeling you should just move. Goes all the way back to the difference between Rubin and world. We're world out here rural folks. That traditional value. Fairly safe and freedom. Were they weren't Meehan. Many of us out here on multiple generations. On the scene piece of property we don't want to move to a new place. We're tied into our schools were tied in tore families. So moving is not the option both. State legislatures and the US congress have to come to an agreement for the change to happen a process even Idaho governor Brad little technologist is steep. Telling ABC news that there's a lot that needs to happen before moving the border is within the realm of possibility. As a city councilman you have people that live here that you represent who feel like. Their only answer. Is to move the state line and become a part and how does that mean to. Well it doesn't make you feel good you know like a set up I love being an Oregonian I I don't want to be part of Idaho in this bitterly divided political climate. Not supporting a fast as president. Sim hoping steep price. Will win out. I would hope that you know people would. Maybe look at it different but political perspective and maybe you know don't cling to their political parties and be part of solutions. Pain whitworth ABC news Medford Oregon.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports from rural Oregon on the counties that want to leave their heavily liberal state for the more like-minded Idaho.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78164083","title":"Oregon counties join movement to become part of Idaho","url":"/US/video/oregon-counties-join-movement-part-idaho-78164083"}