Orlando moms band together during crisis

A set of low-income mothers is teaming up to share Wi-Fi and child care amid closures due to coronavirus.
2:25 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for Orlando moms band together during crisis
We schools shutting down due to concerns over the cove at nineteen outbreak parents are now turning their living rooms. Into classrooms but what those parents whose paychecks can't stretch far enough to afford the luxury of at home Wi-Fi. A group mothers in Orlando are banding together by trying sharing things like why find taking turns watching one another's children to help their children. Push ahead even as the world around them. Feels upside down. So I was kind of nervously. He was worried about inhibit my father. You know we haven't. And personnel so lessons a successful allowed and even neighbors because that's in the music how can we you know do something so. Me in Madison area ladies I think had lived with. Albany Dennis OK we're just didn't go ahead and make sure that you could have made him hateful way. Let me there. And I think these are the miracle I'm here among and the Florida and I drastic layoffs. And it's not about crime viruses outlined. Where you know this isn't working people where the F is not Colombia oil and all. I've been home for my car corner my second week. I can't believe they have because of the corona virus that it won't bring any intent migraine kids as well as I didn't want DC itself. This is an instant estimate and she's got to get up every morning. Here is that throughout my son because I have to still work even tell my Johnston opened. Thankfully my Japanese is there so that hacking and works vehicle. And hopefully we can last a little. Longer because that work for restaurants so we may end up sending down. Thank god for my mom I have song right take my keys so that could work 34 hours and I'm still able to work now. Is there harm adopt the work. But we got candlelight managing mid and that's a statement golf club my name amber. You know we always been Nestle one another through the years anyway. These really is the. This Madonna came home and I'm just found us an eagle and as a whole. At that. So I can in human history. It's still an epic that also you can Wear jeans England movement of. To amber Robertson and all those other moms we salute you. Thank you and Chris luck to you.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"A set of low-income mothers is teaming up to share Wi-Fi and child care amid closures due to coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69825752","title":"Orlando moms band together during crisis","url":"/US/video/orlando-moms-band-crisis-69825752"}