New Orleans shooting ‘stemmed from feud’

Ten people were shot in New Orleans on Sunday after the Bayou Classic football game.
2:10 | 12/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Orleans shooting ‘stemmed from feud’
What I can't say use that we do believe that this incidence film. From and few between individuals that are not from the new laws metropolitan area again. We have determined. So for two to course of our investigation. Bid this stems from. A few between individuals would not from the new honest metropolitan area so this is not a domestic terrorism act. Is is a few. All blood feud there we'll work and without. Other partners throughout the state to determine who may be responsible for this. We received several tips to confirm this very intelligent is that we have received those four. I can also see it is clear that these individuals had no legal woods. Absolutely not but innocent bystanders there were out enjoying the bye you classic weekend festivities this weekend. When he decided to fight appoint a crowd of innocent people as for the none of the victims. They remain this morning we had ten victims. As a result of this incidence. Five males five females they'll elect to bring up -- the Nichols. Of in a mess at Dartmouth about you know mess to the leverage more on the condition of those Vick. In the group's. Thank you chief. So as superintendent superintendent Ferguson just did there were ten patients that were transported by the emergency medical technicians and paramedics that Nora Lindsay amassed. And we had of staffing all weekend for the event I actually was in the French Quarter caring for a patient about thirty minutes prior to this incident. And really having this presence allowed us a prompt response to minutes after the -- on one call came out we made contact with the patients in the scene. We promptly got them to the two hospitals and recognized in conjunction with the emergency and trauma physicians that one individual did need to go to the operating room. I was in the in the hospital yesterday morning and I was there today also to follow up. That individual did have a successful surgery and is healing well. The other nine victims also are stable at this time.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Ten people were shot in New Orleans on Sunday after the Bayou Classic football game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67442843","title":"New Orleans shooting ‘stemmed from feud’","url":"/US/video/orleans-shooting-stemmed-feud-67442843"}