Outrage in the nation’s capital

ABC News’ Rachel Scott speaks with protesters in Washington, D.C., about why they’re taking to the streets.
4:06 | 06/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Outrage in the nation’s capital
It was announced her Rachel Scott who is live on the scene near Lafayette park in Washington Rachel we are now well past the curfew time in Washington DC just describe the scene there in our police making any moves to get people off the streets. We'll visit the part of the night where things start did take a shift delaying the if you take a look behind me you can see if there are still protesters gathering here in front of the White House that is Lafayette park. Just a few blocks that there is a barrier sat out it. And some of the park police on the other side of that. Some of the protesters have Peter laughter moved to a different area and many are still here but what we're seeing now. Is this clash between some protest Thursday. You are deciding to borrow things over the fence mayor pat park police and other protesters. Who are trying to sell police encouraging. People to stay calm and remain nonviolent we're actually seeing right now that we're getting all of it more of a police presence here examiner. Show you know we're seeing. Some park police arrived here we're after the curfew now. And I admit this is when you see some of the protesters making their way over here as well we are way past. You curfews here but people say that it's important for their message to be heard. Yesterday around this time you're seeing a racks that we were actually walking with protesters had decided to stay in the area. Police are lined up on both sides as they are tonight and they closed in and they decided to the arrest some of the protest through that were defying that curfew. So far I've not seen any arrests in this area but I am. Seeing an increased police presence here that barrier between the law and a White House gates and Lafayette park. And the protesters seems to be helping a little bit with the tenth clashes that we saw yesterday this is a totally different scene playing out. It did note here Lindsay that this section of the DC were on fire. All over the last couple of days did seat. And that some of the windows here are boarded up and aimed at building on my on my left right here what went up in flames are just a few nights a golf. In so this is really bitten. The area that has seen a locked of those pens and violate clashes here. Most of the protesters here say they want to send this message peacefully as thousands marching to the White House today. But this is the part of the night were typically we have seen things take a turn Lindsay. And so obviously you've just stated that there's quite a difference between the clashes of yesterday and then now what you're seeing today but did indeed does it seem protesters are still out and about in the same. Intensity or is that tapering off. I think even more so Lindsay I think yesterday the president responds in his hand billing this. Even more fired up we saw thousands of people walking down these streets. Still after the White House today chanting in unison kneeling down near where thousands of people taking a need. Right here in honor of George Floyd look at powerful mall and visit anywhere near the nation's capital. And an area right or behind us the White House was built by slaves led the march on Washington here and you see these moments unfold right. Miss the next generation of protesters believe that they are the ones to pick up that torching carried out on. If anything yesterday just provided the more fuel they wanted to be out here again they said they are not going away until justice is served. And that was the message that they were trying to get across now. And good question isn't whether a lot of them maybe have left to act as of right now as this curfew that has come down it was that first 7 PM. Immune they may have already left but clearly they still wanted to send that message here today Lindy and they really did have a strong turnout thousands of people here. And until justice is served it'll be interesting to see what that means for so many of these protesters Rachel Scott thank you again for your reporting we appreciate it may check in with you later on. The end of this program thank you again.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"ABC News’ Rachel Scott speaks with protesters in Washington, D.C., about why they’re taking to the streets. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71034301","title":"Outrage in the nation’s capital","url":"/US/video/outrage-nations-capital-71034301"}