Oyster Farming From the Nursery to the Table

ABC News' Maggie Rulli takes a tour of the two-year oyster farming process at the Rappahannock Oyster Company.
15:47 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Oyster Farming From the Nursery to the Table
Hey dad and Maggie really here for ABC news digital and we are alive on the wrapping and it ripped it went wrapping -- blitzer company we just found on an important point. A little more I think left the field and went there where every farm Laker. But it was still on the scene because if you go check it out you were out on the water we are. In the middle of an oyster farm in the day with twenty million point there underneath us now we're going to. Each of them apparently are injected it actually sample collected before everything that I want to show you got something that I found on the evening. Oyster nursery because when you are they don't come from nowhere you have to. I've gone through them and it all happened right here. So Anthony. Have going to show us what a baby boy it doesn't he and it's bound. O Eric. Islet yet looking at you get them. You don't have to be going through the user. Clearly. This is exactly what grows up to become what you eat on your dinner plate. Call me right now. Look exactly like what yeah. Very while urging. Two years back in the process. It generic. I can't be any army general. Art what you think. Before although I am I well although it looked every night on the people. We're going to get it going in the nursery. And it great fun it. Nobody but don't have a. We did you like there are kids. A couple 100000. The raceway here. And out once they get beat up about a quarter but it could be taken up. Get our city goes. So we just are checking it out and signed handful of Olympic mall coupled they are not there actually baby oysters like Anthony blanket fibers that. I just as cute puppy if maybe he'll have to be determined but they really don't sell off hundreds and hundreds of thousands of oysters londoners are behind us right now growing bed and thrown. Once they get they get up in cities cages like he'd be here. Round out on the water. And it just a few minutes ago we were out on the water in the middle the Chesapeake Bay hardest thing I've oysters. We went on I think we would not me at that on the boat and asked questions and other hard working Barbara. Went out and actually pulled out all these create so never go check out what happened after you actually pull the creep out of the water bring them back to the dock. From the ballot. Edward Barton lot of. Auto insurance. We're doing evil Google TV. And this isn't about ten years later let me let you got around get a better view. Years later calling me. I'm got in there about. Jane I'm reminded him. Being from I Love Lucy when he's ready in the chocolate factory never did have the desire of the day. Quality. We insist on. What are you looking for. I feel that. I just checking it that we are. Where all looked down after food here is of farming equipment out and allow them up again today they're then brought here. They really the fact that that poison. The weight of the BL. It does have a field. You don't let. He would wait that an over the great over the critics of the water. Maybe about an hour ago. Fresh. No one it. Right one. I'll get one back today. I feel like. Teen stepped up the road weary feet. Fresh right there that just came out of the tech vet. Very. And Marcello. Feel the. Turning even. Off and that produce more than a 100000 oysters a day here and. Yes in the guise of potentially handle that many the harvest and readiness. Anything about it. On the day that I'm the natural fluctuation. Perfect but. Great artist. That closed it and let's show you how close. Turning around real quick so you can see how beautiful this that is. We're here but. The were walking in now we just want. We just blocks needy thinking that from where the oysters were pulled right on and care about right out of the water and an arrogant kind. And let's sit down and I think I worked really hard. I mean I asked a lot of questions today and I think that it's about time that we mean elm. Just look around at look at timing really you know Kirk we can't have sick think much further cut your name. I'm happy and I Steve Murray and crack. Your current. Lori Erickson world is to bring. You. Look at the load. Yeah all I just like they're going to taste better than I didn't think problem. That we didn't appreciate it when I appreciate it and it got you need to know the parents aren't from. I do that Britain. Everything kids keep. I will not. Remember Aaron just a few minutes ago we were out on the water harvesting these guys and just something to think it out clean racer to one of the kind of more than two years of growth that you're next dollar happy hours are actually. Pretty good deal of commitment. Let's talk viewed as Anthony if you aren't ax for oyster eater. You got a theory Saturday I would expand it so what's the process of eating at oyster and what should we look for. When selecting always. It really starts with first when they're being sourced from a reputable. It will mark. We're when. People. But what actually afterwards that is fair have didn't he copy of that. It would fill out an eyewitness down. Alleys of the me. There is no wrong way to get there probably don't you think it is an important yeah William. He had it'll horseradish and the. If you like what we'll went into into actually different. Parts of. And. We need from. First floor apartment. Buildings. Com buttery. And in as we work clockwise monopolized consult your the next hour from your partner mark. The last more popular who hopes he. There's some paint and we're. Sweeps impotence abuse. Later. Part with agreements are different. Than. What departments and that there. Back. Away. And paint and it didn't. Even is that there's mixed business with an additional ice. Oh. They want. Why don't you help me. And it's very didn't help them. Well good that's good I am now ready. Them. His. Mind that the main thing you oysters not a power equipment on the salt. He taught me out of work that well. Each oyster had a hat and its own story and it doesn't later pro family comes from the impairment and then they'll believes eight that well or really well he grabbed an. The Republicans in exporting occasional. It's like. What you. Cop violence. Without us from the northeast into an oyster from just outside of Austin might face like and he wears around him like me. Funniest part of the appeal to oysters is there. It is a place then it's but it's great I like Romo immediately knew it was both coasts now. And go way. You won't need it population into England and yeah I'm glad the only line. The front designated the only rap. And that this. It's Oscar ridiculous. Obviously. A Virginia company a unit of Virginia Tech I. Now we either project but when there will move welcomed obligation to it and drive here where we can we might argue earth that's. A seven excellent. Let's keep pound weights existing silicon that. It. Occurred during a little bit earlier pictures from. We started with the collection from the right there just behind us won't the end of next community or wherever we have a little bit more with all your contents just thank you thank you. Every time cooking equipment in and Miami Heat that I am content filter feeders and an important one after the environment but you are thinking that I mean. And to really tasty oyster to get what it's like it's different. And reflects an environment where there are so little taste like you're in the middle and it was good. Yeah. Yeah. What. Are at war. You can. It is crap you can. And again in their degrees we have the ride is it. Do you think there's people like sweets in the let me like if any at all obviously and keep well I'm yeah. Now we want our old salt oyster which is the brightest when we pass this group versions. We'll be just too broad menu or quick second it was probably because I got silly and eating my moist air that I got distracted. And I get one more though so that's. One oyster taste here just again on the does not really quit being used digital and B act. But on a beautiful October day we're highlight daddy and I think every day they come to my oyster hunting. And people can't just be getting a little less than a decade ago almost zero what is now we're back up to him you're going to plenty near the end. I'm around the area wrap attic oyster company. Come check it out because not only do you get argue but to get to eat which is probably the greatest Spartanburg to work around thinking you. I'm all of a couple around the region and eat oyster really represent where its route twenty different. We started off Witten released bragging and we're going to the most riding with like the most he's healthy and what I'm electric chair. You but. I loved. Are. What a different. I have ever take that up by the owner of those healthy got neck and try to think about where they were grown think about where they came from. And to begin thank robotic another wonderful oyster growers in testing their reason for bringing back oysters and upbeat and man. I think he's so much I think about putting more oysters uninterrupted. While on have a great Campbell got later I got it.

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{"id":42887922,"title":"Oyster Farming From the Nursery to the Table","duration":"15:47","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli takes a tour of the two-year oyster farming process at the Rappahannock Oyster Company.","url":"/US/video/oyster-farming-nursery-table-42887922","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}