Panama City, Florida, deals with major wreckage

Emergency response crews help residents affected by Hurricane Michael.
3:55 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Panama City, Florida, deals with major wreckage
Thank you grew Lee is there. In Panama City Maggie I know lots of people in that area are waking up to just total destruction. Dan you're right you ourselves we've been out here since early in the morning First Act it was pitch dark hard to know. What we're really gonna encounter now that the sun has raising here is actually a beautiful day out but it's kind of a weird scenario goes the sun is out its shining but it's giving us this. First a look at the destruction in just outside our hotel only about a block away were RD seeing a downed power lines downed trees. That read that's why the powers out here pretty much everywhere here in this region has lost power we lost power yesterday and I just go to the hotel manager he was saying. He is a know when it's going to be back on can really get in touch with anyone they don't have a backup generator. The water at our hotel is also out right now so everyone's just kind of waiting and we noted we're not alone in this right now. Again mostly everyone here in this region is without electricity many without water many earn worse situations than us this hotel. With only built two years ago so they've never really what had to withstand a hurricane before but it held up fairly strong and unfortunately we see some the devastation for places that word is they add ready for a storm like this hotel was as has been dentist. Deceit and never seeing some video coming out of that panhandle area and and it looks like. Blocks in some cases were just completely. Flat and hard to believe this all happened so quickly really. And I get wanna woes of leg during the peak of this storm there. We mentioned those flattened blocks in and during the peak of the storm that that raw power you can see how. It devastated those areas the storm came through us right here in Panama City Beach and we were out here for the eye wall and you know there had to say everyone was sort of out here on in the rain in this storm a lot of of the other reporters here Ben and multiple hurricanes before so at first people are ready to brave the elements and then. When that eye wall came. Freaked out a little bit pretty soon everyone was inside the hotel I'm hungering and Ebert sort of on the edge trying to get a glimpse of the storm but. No one was taking any chances the winds were intense they were dangerous Lisa signs flying debris flying a -- at handling classes side of our hotels so. Of people took this storm seriously even people that have weathered very heavy storms in the past and they were all inside and there's kind of an eerie moment Robson in Weaver in the indelible live shot and everything just went out a cell tower had crashed and all studies everyone kind of is take this. Collective gasp because we are even out of power in any lose that cell service in you really relies. How cut off you are from the rest of the world I'm only able to document now because brightly won his cell tower is left for a team mobile believe it or not. So things step oneself tower from T-Mobile. We are able to talk to your right now that out of our entire crew here. The only of one phone so resources are really limited all right well we'll take a we can get and Maggie am wondering how are the people they're doing now. Man. Clearly has heard from Victor when they come together as he was saying in Tallahassee extend the same thing. Hear what we've been seeing many people coming together even offering. A snacks making user Bieber taking care to mention the the water was out in our hotel but. There's water still the first floor steeple senate actually. A communal bathroom to shower and you know sometimes it's the little things that really matter but is humor saying it's times like these where everyone seems to come together and I think the biggest concern now weighs a while everyone's ready to lean on each other really know what. The situations going to be just yet he had to many areas were so hard hit that first responders are just getting to them this morning we saw. Line after line of National Guard and fuel trucks and police cars. Finally getting to those hard hit areas and so unfortunately and what we hope many of them were evacuated we're just starting to figure out how badly hit they really were. Now Harry Maggie really they're from Panama City, Florida Maggie. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Emergency response crews help residents affected by Hurricane Michael. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58437588","title":"Panama City, Florida, deals with major wreckage ","url":"/US/video/panama-city-florida-deals-major-wreckage-58437588"}