Parents Express Outrage Over Sex Education in School

Many parents believe it is inappropriate for their children to learn about sex in school.
4:46 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for Parents Express Outrage Over Sex Education in School
A lot of anger out there I think once again parents expressed outrage at a school district meeting over expanding sex Ed classes at Omaha school public schools. Should schools be teaching kids about sex do you think up. Spanish you can't East Asia you learn about sex and school went and thankful to studio school so now I did without the ball outs school Donald I. Think that you learn about a from the actors on that. They should be around him but I don't think it should be the teacher's perspective I know. I went public schools an three junior high my parents actually took me out. The sex Ed class which was mandatory I wish they would have it's still a point of contention with SB what I did abruptly it was like Robin Jackson Michigan I imagine public's Nickels my parents are very strict they tot abstinence in the home and done and but they weren't teaching abstinence in that particular class in the sex and class a they remove me. I wish they one of Latin means stay in the class to this day we still talk about let me stay and you sent as a talking point open up the conversation you're gonna hear different points in yeah. I may have not just facts kids would make fun of me my out of the library wanna say my public school in Miami did teach abstinence along with other banks you know how they also had Cinemax I was as good. Me yeah. And I'm I the spice channel but here's doing in Omaha which I think at a. Have kids yet Canadian just talking from you know unicorn and whatever but went there it's what -- say is instead goes from six straight up until tenth grade and they're going to start implementing certain things in different age brackets so to understand it about gender identity gender roles on STD's and things of that nature and sometimes parents don't know how to talk to their yeah it's and we sometimes they need help you know what is a fact that so that the New Hampshire school has the school system has the lowest rate of teen pregnancy. And they have a comprehensive sex Ed program where as Mississippi. Has the highest teen pregnancy and they teach abstinence only and if you recall Bristol Palin was a spokesperson effect abstinence only. They pay that fell in. Please accept. Yeah. I'm sorry million dollar. I welcome teens abstinence. We're eight million dollars adults each can't let that but you still got pregnant twice out of wedlock and she was teaching abstinence I mean for it she's not that I posted childhood. So that I don't know what it. I think ate a lot to do with that might kids worrying Christian school up until eighth grade so I felt comfortable with Ben being taught sex and night in the classroom my kids now are in public high school all. I want to do it as a public hi Rhonda. I do want them to be an act passed and I want them to learn all perspectives but. I also it's important to realize that you have a right parent to opt out if you want but missed earning just tip to go back to Pollack is great. A great talking point for my children might doubt might my daughter. Had told me that when she went through the class there were things that she was very uncomfortable and thought were inappropriate. And a lot of that is at the discretion of the teacher at how they teach because some of them will implement it personal opinion that actually crowd behind it crossed the line it's but it opened up this wonderful discussion at home and were very open about it at home and if you're an intentional parent. Then gave us is covered but you know I feel like. Listen I. And. We route. We are very islets and what really kind of limited cuts when it comes to sexual at least had to change and sincerely and freedom are very conservative when we have. Horrible violence and all these things going on I think it's a good thing to teach our kids about sex I put my forensics that causes in the fifth grade. I'm I didn't have Texans like twenty years later I think he could. The point and they didn't affect me how I live my life and it was just educational and you know I I don't know I don't think it's like we're about condoms at a young it I don't think her. I learned about sex at my father's in my coffee cups of cola truck my father was truck driver and I learned about sex and my girlfriend Julie said to me. The man gets a big belly than the woman gets a big belly and then one of them has a baby so she was half right back. I know that schools I personally for me I want my school to teach my child about sex about balancing the checkbook about taxes. About high eighteenth things that you're young talented team things he did they used to do as well done a lot of parents don't I'm I don't in this kind of ironic but I'm not open its morning Jeff sexist some what some of the parents have a problem with and again. They should be able opt out if they want to his and that. When it goes into abortion and gender identity things like that that make. Them uncomfortable that's where it's not just about sex it's not good at the same time I think some parents need to be taken into evidence otherwise are not gonna talk about myself I tell us a Greeley yeah yeah I don't disagree with the okay.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Many parents believe it is inappropriate for their children to learn about sex in school. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34688457","title":"Parents Express Outrage Over Sex Education in School","url":"/US/video/parents-express-outrage-sex-education-school-34688457"}