Pelican: A Fisherman's Best Friend

Pete the pelican rarely leaves the side of a Texas fisherman who saved his life.
1:01 | 03/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pelican: A Fisherman's Best Friend
Well they say dogs are man's best friend -- a fisherman and Texas has a more unique friendship meet Pete the appellate -- He spends every day by the side a fisherman Richard -- the friendship started about three months ago when Richard notice a pelican in the water. Pete was hurt and needed help. Simon had a -- in his Frist and in whose stock is wing. And truck caught in the net and then took the hook and he just stayed there somebody -- about the safety BCT today you know I was -- if you. This is what we we just sit there -- way to come back. Defeating -- -- are all day long wait for you up. He never left Richard. The Health Department -- from his -- -- course he even has become the unofficial mascot for the marina. He comes and goes as he pleases but he always comes back to his best friend and the man who saved his white -- -- and I became friends. Thanks to you -- to -- the hook up my. I want it.

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{"id":18822609,"title":"Pelican: A Fisherman's Best Friend","duration":"1:01","description":"Pete the pelican rarely leaves the side of a Texas fisherman who saved his life.","url":"/US/video/pelican-fishermans-best-friend-18822609","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}