Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota could be keys to unlocking election victory

New poll numbers shed light on what voters in battleground states are thinking less than 50 days out.
4:06 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota could be keys to unlocking election victory
And I want to bring in ABC's political director Rick Klein in Philadelphia for more on this wreck. Pennsylvania may be the single most important state in this election 530 eight's forecast shows. It's by far the likely estate to be a tipping point with a 31%. Chance. Giving either trump or Biden the decisive vote in the Electoral College so. What's your biggest take away from the president's conversation with voters in Pennsylvania last night. Diane to me the biggest thing in in the crisis this defining the country defining the president's time in office. He said he wouldn't do anything differently and he really reasserted. But his belief that Colbert nineteen is going to go away naturally even without any actions by him contradicting himself and those in in what he told Bob Woodward the city actually up played. The virus I think that's notable but the bottom line is even now with some 200000. People put a thousand dead Americans. A wicket with the crisis still shutting down so much of the country he says he would have done anything differently that's the key calculation is that he believes the country's coming out of this and we'll give him credit. If that's not the case that there goes Pennsylvania potentially maybe dole presidency. In other battleground states we have some new polling numbers out of Wisconsin and Minnesota this morning. One of those shell and what of the key issues for voters there. Yes that's held the suburbs in suburban women in particular and that's what you see a bit of a split between these two battlegrounds their geographically pretty similar. We see a relatively tight race in Wisconsin Joseph Biden with a six point lead. Among likely voters but a much different portrait in Minnesota it's looking like a blow out and keep in mind. Both of these states are among the closest in the country Wisconsin narrowly for for trump for years ago Wisconsin. Is that is one of the critical battlegrounds is no question Minnesota is probably the biggest pick up opportunity for the trump campaign and this these numbers are suggested it's flat out of reach at this stage at one big reason is it the issues that are at a meeting voters right now we asked what people evil states that the biggest issue that that they see right now and you see the economy number one but it's only slightly edging out -- at nineteen and really if this. Election is about. Reviving the economy Donald Trump may have a slight edge there but if it's about Kobe nineteen Joseph Biden has a a very large advantage in terms of trust to handle it so that that could really be the story of the election. And it turn out. I imagine is going to be another big one you know maybe more important this year than ever lots of people will be voting by mail how can the pandemic the fact. The outcome I mean of the election general but warm partly in these battleground states. So the pandemic is already impact of the process of voting in fundamental ways in early voting is going to happen. In ways we've never seen before a larger share of Americans than ever before are gonna vote before Election Day. And that is part of the disparity do you see between. Trump and and Joseph Biden you see among people that say they plan to vote before Election Day they huge Joseph Biden advantage. And just on Election Day itself a Donald Trump advantage and that's one key thing the Donald's office harping on right now when he is calling into question. How without any evidence the integrity of the vote itself he's talking about these Election Day voters are Democrats putting a lot more priority on voting sea fleet I'm voting early often by mail. I eighty it is going to be a much different process of full voting and then counting the votes. Marie Klein it's been too long my friends too long without at least one round of our favorite game not the stump Rick Klein who. Are you ready. Let's do it. Barre Rick lag here is your question. Who more the last two Republican presidential candidates to win Pennsylvania back to back. Republicans winning Pennsylvania back to back. Let's let's let's see I think we're gonna go with Ronald Reagan. And it Richard Nixon. Or. Ronald Reagan and I wanted to dating we're seeing Eisenhower. I'm sorry no second being. Dwight Eisenhower but why would one day while you want to walk toward legal and you know. You can do better seven week south of Soka. Eric Klein from Philadelphia Ali appreciate it Rick thank you.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"New poll numbers shed light on what voters in battleground states are thinking less than 50 days out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73050489","title":"Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota could be keys to unlocking election victory","url":"/US/video/pennsylvania-wisconsin-minnesota-keys-unlocking-election-victory-73050489"}