People's 'Sexiest Vet Alive' gives tips for pet parents

ABC News' Michael Rothman chats with Dr. Evan Antin to get best tips for pet parents.
18:12 | 04/26/17

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Transcript for People's 'Sexiest Vet Alive' gives tips for pet parents
I'm McElroy opened here with doctor and an aunt and weak are here obviously to talk animals and puppies. And tips for first time parents. Oddity how to hold them properly to for me but that we'll get to that is that it first let's talk about you because that. You have fascinating story such as a reason. Obviously stats here 900000. Dollars approaching that almost you know feature to People Magazine. Sex is bad alive I think not my language there their language that's of this you're how old. The US and you'll be your best life Howell then how old is Rolle coaster start and this kind of leg skyrocket. Two to save in this in this kind of. Yeah I mean haven't currencies of for a few issues is like a wildly for animal expert an expert that's been fonts are doing social media shortly after I graduated. Which was almost four years ago from that school. And I've been posting ever since then fairly regularly and then about a little over a year ago like in the beginning it's when he sixteen. A couple big like online. Public company's third MPs Huffington post's board and us feel that aunts just mind my social jumped just went nuts with like. Two weeks 101000 dollars to 220000. Scientists. And it's fun it's been super exciting it's really blossomed. I love you know my post that you lot of educational and I really big descriptions and discuss you know different disease processes that are cool things about wildlife that way view. And it's been really cool way to educate like taunt people really share my profession. As likened what you know the animal appreciation. How it changed your practice. As that we are just some patients come and apparently well away I believe that does happen cracks me it just so you want peace bunkers them thing it's money. If that happens on occasion for sure. You know and I've I've gotten a little bit more business from you know people in the comments and exit at mile an exotic in a moment and and so again I nightly Farley but I got this lizard Melanie one UC an exotic that kind of thing. You know I'm I'm at such a big busy practice I don't think it changed things through dramatically. U. Through what are or the cooler animals. Previous animals he worked with were to some different primate species. Anomaly different monkeys and man and whatnot. I've worked with a lot of cool reptiles and big lizards my favorite patience is the 65 pound Asian water monitor. Total sweetheart his name's Jack and his huge manages the big sweet guy were to some massive snakes they python's. Is. Wells really need birds violent tropical parents' old world new world lots of birds of prey those guys early on to. Sony and leads we see some might let you have worked with a couple batters which is on just native California. In which he reckons coyotes bobcats on likens that we were talking ago. Breakdown coming annals as if it's an impressively so. It's probably keep myself busy this hasn't got a dogs two cats a blizzard to sneak. Tortoise and some finished. It's I'm get a maxed out in a look at framework that's right. You were talking education which I wanna build inserts a good transition through our tips for first time owners. Using your platform I thought you had videos you know. Helping others to know what it takes be it bad and things like that sir how old are using you know raising awareness for animals and kind of easier platform to educate I mean if there's conservation issues or topics like to just bring attention to that. Bomb if there's topics general Thompson better medicine I think there. Our common thing but a lot of voters don't know much about it and can really benefit learning about a try to just make that more you know common knowledge. On north which is something I find fascinating interesting like this is just some really cool site species have always had a huge interest in you know share with the world oil people know about it. So it just you know just usually falls on the one of those categories. I guess that living your best left traffic plummet this article so let's introduce these four adorable puppies that we had here. Somebody we and there are all adopt evil which is really important. Some facilities these three little ones they're not a doctoral yet. Okay have to get in the vaccine and I think we're gonna FICO something on them. By the way is on in and they will be ready for around the they'll be adaptable pretty soon. The missile and she's that was how he made it out as other interviews that out these dogs being already addresses yeah it's it's pretty amazing I think just the fact that they're not technically deductibles the only thing favor there. Yet but they're great dogs but it was a great rescued any other no kill. They've been around for over a hundred years they do wonderful job finding a lot of pay lot of dogs homes. A lot of pats homes every year which is really cool. Deputy this week so the three little ones there there I think you know he's mostly boxer. You know it might have little something else and maybe some kind of pimple or some of the commentary here. This one looks like it's probably lab purple I feel like pit bulls or their genetics aren't so many different shelter dogs and I'm yeah they get that benefit or other such sweet new home real sweet dogs he sweetheart. Still some are so let's fit but given that the tips for efforts on the owners actually in the first on federal myself. I have six month old Los ops the penny who is that an agent Scott Walker. And she is a handful yeah and so it's it's it's important so that every that is different. Dogs cats any thing but it'll be you know some general tips on. It first time and time. That act as evidence it's I've learned myself it is. Very daunting but rewarding at the same time so the big bigger ones are with the timing and situation yet. I know I can only speak from my experience but I put off getting a dog for years because I wanted to wait for the right situation. And when and that it was finally thrust upon me it's you get a job I hadn't been happier so. I'd love to know kind of six people think they can't they travel to my. Your work too much with a really solid situation is seen fare for any pet owner. On one thing we Wendy's he's advice before that is just you do your research now you're getting into. You know kind of time commitment this is known kind of financial commitment mrs. in and be aware of what you're you know what breeder was equivalent brief yet Tennyson and Experian. What that lifestyle you know what the requirements of a super important. So it is not one ideal situation in a big thing is obviously if you leave town all the time and Doug might not be for you in enemy Catalan and be for you either human or consider you know. Getting something that's really low maintenance likes apart you know that's more like hobbies as an excerpt reptiles fish. Or what not. Commerce on the it's just more dependent on aside if he you know you know ought to be leaving town often. You have a decent on time at home especially given I'll be. And we're talking men and enable it means something yet reality whether to go to the bathroom or eat or to play would have and it's not something you can leave. You know decades old and you learn. You give up you guys are crazy. Equation Ocala. Ocala Aaliyah hit luckily. I I had help so which is great so yeah any definitely gets the best care possible thus that I can imagine. 80958. Defied it to six whatever not hating. I don't think a dog walkers enough to set in not me for a puppy that's really view that's that's that's really tough. Again every couple hours we need to give them something. Is there certain animals that are good for for you know him as the young children. Should they suffer with a dog person and they start with something smaller first to get you know that this kids ready for taking care of the dog or. It is one of the best options. And dogs are tough they're domesticated used to being around people loyal you know there there there there actually were deathly one of the best options. To be with children. And it lot of research showing how much children people benefit from a two you know yeah which we even with their immune system health for instance the dog shares so many things with them. Antigen was of people get less analogies and things like that. But some I mean I think it's just so healthy for children to be exposed to pets at a young age and a dog again domesticated patents. Since you know he used to being around people and has been bred to be around people is really valuable. Kurdish irresponsibility. You know absolutely exactly. Yeah some good ways to bond with your animal that's another thing that I experience again because I speak of from from personal experience I will say this for the first month that I had my Doggett. I thought she hated me in. Try to put to bed in not asked you know I hit it she wasn't really good to. You know command than. Treats work some way and taking her out and kind of did the whole gamut of things. But as as I've gotten more into it you know my vast experience excellence in three months then. Based our decision was a joke you start to see in a little things I know that that you know we're connecting share. What was ridiculous to do community aren't the. Obvious thing which is just a matter of time to spend time with Japan that's a huge thing one of the best ways honestly is just doing the training tips and you do the creature eating. It's a lot of positive reinforcement of aldermen you're doing any kind of training Weathers to sit. Or shake. Or whatever. You know there there's there's there's a lot of that's really enriching for them out there really is good for their minds is good for you get their endorphins going making them think making them earn their treats and and I think that's really good for the relationship on both sides for the honor for the past so I I'm a big advocate of positive reinforcement training you guys hi. Yes I think those are some good things. Ever globally as good as it would love your dog but don't love to laundered so it's like don't cave to every level. We're very you know you have take care of her treat her well I handled held union run around for sure those are still though villain of owning you look at. I think so we just is key because. You know from your side to finding the right bat for you. You obviously can't take care every the world's animals even and it probably want it's pure idea how do you find the right bet that an elegant and and what are some ways to kind or questions he's asked when you bring an animal into a vat to kind of make sure it's the. The right sure me answer your question I think a lot of it's just personalities because truth is any small animal vet that works on dogs and cats regularly. Is capable of of of effectively working on a puppy. You know so where are my best advice is you'll find a practiced since near you in your town. In us the basic questions like what what's the routine stuff that I need it really varies depending what part of the country live where I live in Southern California we don't need. You know all the same kind of care that we would ya hear New York you know like. Part warmest such a bigger issue here that's thing's that's really important and knowing on low location wise what's what's really important. Based on where you live. Yeah getting the connection I try to recommended. Owners know of at least 124 hour facility OK of them if if that's not living in New York City is. Planning living in and around Los Angeles there's plenty you never know I'm I worked a 24 hour facility you know. But exactly just and especially puppies that in the troubled older pets you know you know their health status as. So that's that's important to and it's just it's just you know it's just. Hitting it off you know because most that should be capable of treating her puppies. You brought you but apart warm still like fleas and ticks knowing where there too I mean what are some some general things that people should know going and in a working with their bed opposite and that should and will bring this up assure so I say one of the one of the most common thing you know is something that they should do most definitely is vaccinations. That's a really easy goatee thing that than any of its Kabila now view it on for young dogs for getting young dog like a puppy. Doing doing fecal checks and just making sure there free parasites. That's important for the dog or for people to a lot of those pairs such a zone on it and what that means is a conflict infect people realize what I never heard so yes of that that that's that's obviously important you know on some of those some of them aren't a big deal some of them can be a very big deal. So that's important as well. Flee its sick you know it. That's pretty common Ramos the country flee especially site you recommended monthly regular flea treatment especially if your pets going outside of the inactive. Certain other parasites he received more than an encircle parts the country than here like a select heart warm. That's more something we see in the midwest are areas have water and have mosquitoes question sir is he little bit more than Southern California. Let's yeah it just depends Oreo over those are some of the basics. I didn't I just on the senate to about getting your ducks there neutered. I know for her for females and generals as early as six months I didn't know that and so I was kind of slow to sign up cover insurance and things like that here inched into kind of know that going in and ignore the timetable here you know I'm really from Nina varies depending on the breed. A small dog look issue it's you I'm looking at doing is nearly six months there's benefits is that doing early as six months before their first heat. You almost eliminate the chances of mammary cancer there's benefits of doing when their roller so you spate dogs and neutered dogs and young teenager getting rid of some these hormones. That help with their overall development and muscular frame and all that. And so for large breed dogs if you need them early they just don't develop the same when they'll have the same muscular frame it's that I have the same support for their joints. Going into their health long term and so we see more things like osteoarthritis and whatnot for some of those guys and try try to reduce that. By neutering actually a little bit later this thing a little bit later so it depends on the breed that's only want to talk about witches you know this fascinating yeah. And then cleaning I know. You are you talking a fecal matter how important that is for your home KO are there things that are there are good and stable the thing yet and and used to kind of keep your home. Clean all of the dog but her for the family and the people that Libyan yeah absolutely and that's really put especially your crate training in these guys are going in the bathroom and house. Which you know hopefully would interest him out of that eventually. But it is gonna happen you're going to be cleaning up messes you know I've always stress in my slippers stuff that's been really helpful for me especially as hard surfaces but there really effective immunity. They can I sanitary clean surface. And then there's something out trust site I always go with and I think the dog to that's always look at that we had going to temporarily lower court that's good point and glad to bring it up because. Not all products are you know some of those some of the more intensive cleaning products are not so pet friendly they're looking around that I can give them some GI upset and whatnot but what's with bird. The safe bet you're gonna get you know you're gonna clean things up and you know can harm anybody either and. This isn't your area of expertise that you might have some good insight on this too funny and oh a good Gruber tale. As are any tips or general tips for any kind of animal you have because obviously that's important to someone was saying earlier. Today they had hugs I didn't know that the of their you have to kind of go it volunteered at like. At the humane society or some other organization we have to go in the wrinkles and really have to clean and not make sure their their clean and I didn't know that stuff. So that's also health wise to yeah good did you wanna find from the approximate to where you have heard you wanted to again they. Personal preference experienced its buffalo roaming. Some apartments successful it was a very experienced have been doing it for quite awhile if you really terrific job. You know so that that's jobs they have rumors Bolton those guys who pretty good job to do so really mean is you know eyewitnesses one right answer honestly and you know we have a grooming facilities might practiced art work. Yes a lot of others like you know that appointment after grooms session. Is convenient. It's there isn't you know maybe doing research on Euro. Is it an option to consider there and just you know just ruling it and make sure it was missing page. So now with clean and he can't trust. Your pets help with your job register. Density of that is gonna play a role as well. It's gonna connect it's not physically but. In. That's important yeah exactly and obviously this at the time of the year were heading into the summer and it's you know it's not yes. You know about. Kids in hot cars but dogs and our cars and also just in general be taking your dog out for a long walk is there things that you can do. To know when there are dehydrated or when they need I know panting is a sign. But if you but. And it's also not that does Caylee talked TC kind of don't know when it's really like a threshold that's that's really the key yet. And now it's it's it's not illustrate for a tellers as if the dogs through does acting in anyway not themselves. That's been doing your first signs now obviously they're painting and excessively they're certain to be lethargic and they just don't wanna keep walking and I wanna stop on the trail especially if it's not like them. That's a consent a that's that's potentially concerned. On the fate just collapse and there they're just really came in stand up in the really flopping that's an emergency heatstroke is a very very serious medical emergency it can be fatal. You need to get your pet to of that. Immediately if there's any signs he stroked you can mess with that it can like us and can be fatal with the day to. Is it ever okay leader dominant car and running in somewhere and yeah I mean it's OK I give us you know that's not hot out here apartments on piling up at 67 degrees something I wouldn't say that's probably an ammunition you're going to be away for five minutes. On the in the summer heat. You know deathly park in the shade. And and and gadgets I rarely divisive. Because that in the year hobby cars a greenhouse gets obsessed especially if you and actually park outside. In across really had to begin with you bumpy AC for a few minutes and cools down says China car off it's pretty much as hot as it was. The so deftly world on the window little bit don't do on a hot day. Keep yourself from the chained. You know California we have a new law where if if I mean if somebody sees your pet in a car on the when those close and so hot day. Here legally allowed to go bust the windows Graham. Yeah and so sums that say some dogs lives. And I really advise against if you can help put the prayer for. Exactly. And I think the Lilly is getting the Q that's kinda the rich in my cue cards. Say. Doctor am this has been a pleasure thanks. These dogs are all adopt the bull. Sorry bodily measure that right thank you very much. Check. And joy and later. It.

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