Performers on what Broadway means to LGBTQ community

Cast members from "Aladdin," "Frozen" and "The Lion King" share how Broadway celebrates Pride.
4:11 | 06/30/19

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Transcript for Performers on what Broadway means to LGBTQ community
This morning you'll see a use for. Pro announced for pizza I guess in their standards because as you know gender identity does not always masked suspects. The president aside adverse so that's something we're doing for the very first time critical yet and it's going to be at the bottom of the streets or I just couldn't I canceled dented when your boat that. Madonna well it's the song on closed but. About a little arrogant about it that I later all right what I did not proud without checking in with our friends and rob away that's right Sam Champion right now is live at the new answered and theater home to a land and on Broadway then I know you are feeling good right now. We are GO Kim hi everybody and I want to introduce you to the entire theater crowd that's right here at the new Amsterdam theatre. From the Lion King. So glad you guys are here and every got a huge performance coming up but I also want to talk to you guys a little bit about it so I just fell in love with you James got today in Italy in the warm up for the audience. How important is it to represent and can you guys see everybody so I just I don't block the camera how important is it to represent diversity in the performances and the perform. My gospel so important that Disney has been doing it. For a long time they were one of the first to really do it and took to be apart of that it's it's it's beyond me. From heat when I was little and to be able look on the to a Disney's stage where is when I saw my birth but we so what's with Beauty and the Beast and I saw Khobar and diversity in the I passed it made me think. I could do that I could be that spoon. How big they. Car that's. My friends the army come August I gave me at all in the library. And though it's very important adamant coming over here now and I Tom so. Re not talking little bit about. Family in connection what's the intersection. Or what does it mean when there's an intersection between Broadway and pride. Wow it. And I think it's incredibly. Exciting and important because. Wow we have such an incredible. Community. On Broadway of support for each other especially in the beat LG BTQ I'd community. Mom so. And you know there's so much color and it just texture within the performers and the people who work backstage like. There's just so much diversity and choice and joy exactly so bomb it's really special it's it's like a fireworks going off it's just. Sparkle and excitement. Chris British. Quick wit and we can stay. Other Republicans think. Bradley just recently got engaged I congratulate fans. What's it like to be sharing a pride moment I I wanna get both of you guys in so I don't we got thirty seconds so tell me what it's like to be sharing the moment. It makes me feel so strong and so firm to write it makes me feel so loved and supported knowing that no matter where I go there's community people who loves me and supports me in my partner and are turning no matter what. Sean you just had a baby beautiful ladies man let's talk about that. Family moment and pride for you now. Well I can't set a little bit earlier like it's just now that I'm had to have a daughter it's the teachable moments now I'm teaching pride and teaching strong and teaching the EU and teaching. You know standing in my hot my baby is black and Dominican. Call every five teaching art to be proud to be okay it's okay to be you know it's okay to. Love who you love it's okay to hate lets you hate it you're not insane if you is you just. Our strong and stands flat footed in what it is. That's exactly what it is BR plus are we ready to get these sleep I don't know. This is the crap that's gotta represent Disney we will see you guys all on the margin just a moment of course you can watch it streaming online everywhere is no excuse not to watch as GO.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Cast members from \"Aladdin,\" \"Frozen\" and \"The Lion King\" share how Broadway celebrates Pride. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64048747","title":"Performers on what Broadway means to LGBTQ community","url":"/US/video/performers-broadway-means-lgbtq-community-64048747"}